11 Reasons To <3 Your Small Boobs If You're +Size

Even in my younger days, I was a little chunky bundle of joy. So I figured that when puberty hit, I would be blessed with the one kind of acceptable fat there is to have when you're a woman. Being a plus size woman with small boobs didn't seem appealing to me, so I sat around and waited for the Great Big Boob Fairy. Funny thing is: She never came knocking. My weight has fluctuated over the years, but my bust has never gone past a large B or small C cup. It wasn't until I hit my later teen years that I finally began to accept that this was to be my fate — that the boob fairy had ultimately passed me up.

It was actually extremely difficult for me to come to terms with this. As soon as I figured out that this was just the way my body was, I started to think of alternatives and "solutions." When I was in middle school, I would routinely sneak my sister's chicken cutlets into my bra, trying desperately to create some kind of cleavage. When I was about 16, I made up my mind that when I was of age (and had an expendable income), I was going to get the breasts I was supposed to have.

You see, it's not easy being a fat woman with a small chest. I've heard on numerous occasions that it's "so sad" that I'm missing the one redeemable quality fat chicks have. We know the media offers very little representation for bodies that aren't cis, slender, able, and white — and that means a lack of representation for fat bodies.

If ever I did see a fat woman in a movie or magazines when growing up, her weight was probably in her bust or rear 95 percent of the time. If it wasn't bad enough that I was fat, it certainly sucked that I didn't even have the one "good" kind of fat.

It wasn't until I finally started to realize that fat is not inherently a negative or gross trait that I actually began to appreciate all that I have, including my very small chest. To all my fellow plus size women with a petite bosom struggling to accept their proportions, here are just some reminders of why you should love your small boobies.

1. You Might Have Less Back Pain

If you have friends or family members with big boobs, then you know that those ta-tas sometimes come with a price. Oftentimes, that price is back pain. According to Everyday Health, "Simply the weight of [a person's large] breasts alone can be enough to cause back pain, sometimes even leading to long-term chronic pain that lasts for months or years." It makes sense, then, that you're less likely to have this problem with your itty bitties.

2. And Going Braless Will Probs Be Easier

In all honesty, I'm all for anyone and everyone going braless. However, I've found that with my small bust, it's quite easy to go sans bra and remain relatively unnoticed. My boobs don't need nearly as much support as their larger counterparts might.

3. You're Less Likely To Have People Ogling At Your Chest

Unfortunately, sexual harassment and catcalling happen to pretty much all female-presenting individuals, regardless of their size, shape, ethnicity, etc. Having smaller boobs, though, I have noticed that I don't had to deal with as many comments or relentless staring in regards to my bust.

4. You Don't Have To Worry About Being "Too Busty" For Clothes

Spilling out of tops or dresses it not something that the less endowed really have to deal with. And hey, if something is too big on the top, we can always get it tailored.

5. Your Little Ones Are Probably Pretty Soft

This one's pretty self explanatory. Even if they're small, they're still going to be boobs — which means they'll be nice and soft and warm and just all around lovely.

6. You're Probably Less Likely To Lose Food In Them

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are of the busty variety and it seems that they often find little snacks in their bosom after each passing meal. This could be a positive if you're into having a snack for later, but if you prefer to not find any little surprises in your bits, then you might appreciate your boobs not acting as makeshift Tupperware.

7. Because They Work Just As Well As Other Boobs

Size does not dictate whether or not your boobs will be "functional." If you're ever planning on having kids or breastfeeding, your small boobs will be able to give nutrients just as well as their larger counterparts can.

8. Sometimes Modesty Is Just Easier

Now, don't get me wrong: I personally don't feel like there's anything wrong or "immoral" about cleavage. We do, however, live in a world where women dressing in more revealing fashions are not always appreciated or respected — be they in professional settings or, say, church. When you have a small bust, you don't really have to worry about whether or not your bits will be covered up enough, though, since most clothing does a good job of keeping them enclosed.

9. All Boobs Are Great Boobs, After All

Boobs come in all different shapes and sizes. They vary so widely that it's a bit ridiculous to have one set standard of beauty for them. Small boobs are not inferior simply because all boobs are wonderful.

10. They Do Not Define Your Worth

Boobs do not define femininity. Some women don't have them. Some men do. When it comes down to it, boobs are just... boobs. They do not measure our worth, our success, or how good a person we are. They're just another physical characteristic, like height or weight or eye color.

11. Because You Deserve To Love Every Bit Of Yourself Wholeheartedly

It doesn't matter whether you're fat or thin or your boobs are a 32GG or 48A: You deserve to love yourself... all of yourself. This is the only body you're ever going to have and it's been with you through a lot. You may find "imperfections" in it, but hell, who's to say what those even are? Physical beauty is so subjective, and we shouldn't hold ourselves to a singular image of what we should be.

It doesn't matter if you have a huge tummy and a small bust or really big legs and a tiny butt. Your small boobs and your plus size body are simply lovely.

Images: Rebecca M