What Happened To Sara Harvey On 'Pretty Little Liars'? "Game Over, Charles' Hinted At Trouble

Whew, that was one hell of a ride, Pretty Little Liars fans. All in one episode we found out that CeCe is A, Bethany Young killed Toby’s mom, CeCe hit Ali in the head with a rock, and Sara Harvey is Red Coat and Black Widow. I know, I’m dizzy, too. While most of the storylines were resolved, I still have a burning question — what happened to Sara Harvey at the end of Pretty Little Liars ' summer finale?

When the Liars learned that it was Sara Harvey who was Red Coat and trying to blow up Radley (obviously at CeCe’s bidding), Emily got angry and punched her in the face. I mean, not that she didn’t deserve it or anything. But right after that, the show cut to CeCe and the liars on the roof and then a scene of the girls saying their goodbyes before college. During their farewells, the Liars discussed how they weren’t responsible for Sara being in the hospital, and "what happened to her that night." Um, a-what now? Was Sara seriously injured somehow by Emily knocking her square in the face, or was she taken by the police and committed to another actually operating psychiatric facility in the Rosewood area, or was she somehow injured after the whole CeCe showdown?

Personally, I think that Sara was taken to a mental hospital. She's clearly been through a lot, and it's still not clear whether she was acting of her own accord, due to Stockholm Syndrome, or was just forced to. I mean, damn. The previews for next season’s time jump show someone who looks a lot like Sara at a graveyard in the distance over a Liar’s shoulder, so could it be possible that Sara is coming back to enact some sort of revenge for whatever did happen? We’ll find out in January, but until then, watch your back, PLL fans. You never know when Sara is right over your shoulder.

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Image: ABC Family