How Are CeCe & Sara Connected?

Anyone else still reeling from that Pretty Little Liars finale? If your brain is a pile of mush, don't worry, because so is mine. I feel like so much information was just thrown at me and I'm going to need awhile to digest all of it. Until that happens, can talk about Sara Harvey being Red Coat and also playing the part of Black Widow? Oh, and how are Sara and CeCe even connected on Pretty Little Liars in the first place? How did Sara end up becoming Big A's helper?

Unfortunately, I can't give you a concrete answer — as of right now. Even though the first half of PLL Season 6 was supposed to be the "Summer of Answers," well, we're still left asking a ton of questions. Here's what I can tell you, CeCe needed a decoy when she couldn't play both A and Red Coat. Enter Sara Harvey, who basically became part of A's game as an extra set of eyes. Even though CeCe seemed like some magical figure who could be in a ton of places at once, well, she's not. Actually, she's very human, which is why she needed another helper, aka Sara.

So how did she and Sara get into cahoots? One theory is that CeCe kidnapped Sara. Maybe she was keeping her in the dollhouse for those years and let her out to be Red Coat in between. Or, maybe they were friends from Radley or somewhere. Honestly, who even knows at this point?

There you have it, another unanswered PLL question that probably won't be answered for another six seasons. You know, if the show goes on that long.

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Images: ABC Family/Eric McCandless