Sonja Calls Out Kristen For Her Comments To The Press On 'The Real Housewives Of New York City' Showing We'll Never Hear The Last Of Her Toaster Oven

After the high of her fashion show during last Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City , Sonja Morgan hit another low in seemingly record time. On this occasion, Kristen Taekman, whose storyline has been relatively irrelevant this season of RHONY, was responsible for Sonja's bad mood. Oh, and that toaster oven Sonja so famously created but never got off the ground.

If Tuesday night's episode of RHONY has taught us anything, it's that Kristen should just not talk to the press. Like ever. Oh, and never piss of Sonja or she might just stick her foot up your ass or threaten to do so, at least.

That's because Kristen made a comment to The New York Post when she attended Sonja's fashion show that really sent Sonja into a tizzy at Ramona Singer's New Beginnings Party. And here I thought I was just going to see Ramona and Bethenny Frankel go at it at this shindig. Bonus!

Sonja had heard that Kristen had been interviewed by a New York Post reporter at her fashion show and that she only promoted herself and her new nail polish line Pop of Color. Sonja felt that Kristen's self-promotion at an event where she was supposed to be supporting her friend was shameless and tacky.

However, what really made Sonja mad was the fact that she heard that instead of praising Sonja's runway show in the interview, Kristen brought up her toaster oven and wondered why it still hasn't seen the light of day. That question keeps me up at night too, girl.

Of course, Kristen heard this information secondhand from Luann de Lesseps at Ramona's New Beginnings Party. And can I just say how disgusting it was that Luann was positively cheerful when she told Kristen how upset Sonja was with her. She wouldn't relay to Kristen exactly what Sonja had said about her, but she wanted Kristen to confront Sonja in front of her like it was part of the evening's entertainment or something. Ew. Gross.

Luckily, pretty really is smarter than you think, and Kristen confronted Sonja all on her own. The only problem was Sonja wanted nothing to do with her, or rather, she repeatedly told Kristen that she wanted nothing to do with her, going so far as to say that she no longer wanted to be friends with her.

Once Kristen finally got Sonja to tell her what all the fuss was about, she told Sonja that she only said what she did because the reporter had only asked her about Sonja's toaster oven, not her runway show. Of course, Bravo had the footage of the actual interview, and Kristen was telling the truth.

Because people can't playback footage in their head like that yet, Sonja still didn't believe Kristen was telling the truth. She also admitted to not actually reading the article but just hearing about it from other people. You can do a better job of fact-checking and read the actual story here for yourself.

Kristen eventually had to pull up the article on her phone and show it to Sonja, who still didn't think Kristen had her best interests at heart. Sonja wanted an apology from Kristen, but she wasn't going to get it that night.

Poor Kristen. Her comments about her fellow Housewives to the press always get misconstrued and blown out of proportion by her frenemies, as it did with Bethenny earlier this season. Kristen really needs to follow the advice she gave herself during this episode and keep her mouth shut about the other Housewives whenever she's talking to a journalist. There's enough drama on RHONY without her having to start some in the press as well.

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