Khloe Kardashian Is Blonder Than Ever

Unlike sister Kylie Jenner's recent platinum transition, Khloe's blonde hair didn't happen overnight. The 31-year-old's hair has gotten lighter and lighter over the past few months and just today, Khloe Kardashian dyed her hair even blonder than it's ever been before.

Is she trying to keep up with Kylie? Likely not, because as I mentioned, Khloe's been planning this dark-brunette-to-blonde hair color since January. What started as an innocent ombre has grown into full, almost-platinum locks.

Although I've always been a fan of the Kardashians' signature dark tresses, I must admit, I am loving this bright (and yet, still somewhat honey blonde) hue on Khloe, even more than I loved Kim's short jaunt into figuring out whether blondes do really have more fun. Same goes for King Kylie's non-blue, non-brunette hair—it's still growing on me. Give me another week and I'll likely be sold, just like I am with anything she tries (see: lipliner as lipstick, contouring, wearing bodycon dresses on froyo runs, etc.)

Khloe posted a couple photos on Instagram earlier today, one with a caption that read, "Interview day with my baes @joycebonelli @jenatkinhair." In true Kardashian-Jenner sister fashion, Khloe gave credit where credit is due, giving a shout out to her glam squad and the woman behind many a celebrity's gorgeous hairdo, Jen Atkin.

The celeb hair stylist shared her excitement for Khloe's new color, saying, "You already know who it isssss✨ @khloekardashian Makeup @joycebonelli Hair #JenAtkinHair #KhloeKardashian ✨ The How-To is up on my snapchat! ✨." So, if you're on Snapchat and you want to know how the magic is done, you know what to do.

Although dying your hair blonde can take a toll on your strands, doing it gradually, over time is a great idea. So if you're thinking of going brighter instead of darker for fall, follow Khloe's suit. Schedule a consultation, take your time, and whatever you do, don't fry your hair into oblivion. Your hair will be healthier and happier, and you'll definitely thank yourself later that you didn't try to bleach your strands all in one day. I mean, look at how gorgeous and shiny Khloe's locks are! Of course, I'm sure having one of the world's greatest hair stylists and a traveling hair and makeup team helps. A little (lot) bit.