7 Best Majors For People Who Hate Taking Tests

College is a time of learning, but not everybody learns the same way. If the idea of sitting through four more years of exams gives you major anxiety, relax — there are certain majors for people who hate taking tests that should put you at ease. Plus, you might be surprised to learn that not every major on this list is arts-related. In fact, quite a few majors base the majority of students' grades not on a timed exam, but rather, on a semester-long project or portfolio.

While it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to make it through an entire four years of college without taking any sort of written exam in your major, there are certainly fields you can choose to lighten the load. The beauty of a college education is that you have the opportunity to curate it to your exact liking.

Of course, don't limit your studies because you fear test-taking. However, take a look at the list below to get a better idea of what sorts of routes you can take, and what to expect along the way. You should obviously choose your major based on your interests (and not the fact that you hate test-taking), but many times it's those same interests that parallel so perfectly with the way a subject is taught and graded.

1. Communications

Communications is all about learning how to effectively communicate, whether that be with a strong piece of journalism, or a typed-up press release. You can't test students on that kind of stuff in a two hour window — instead, you can ask them to turn in a group project.

2. Creative Writing

You can't put a time limit on a writer. Creative writing majors often have an entire term to come up with strong pieces of writing for their final grades, with limited testing.

3. Visual Arts

Whether you are studying to be a filmmaker, a studio artist, or a photographer, you probably won't have to hang your grade on a written test. Instead, you'll likely be turning in semester long portfolios.

4. Theater

You can't make a theater major profess all of his or her talents on paper. Oh no, written test-taking is not something you'll be doing often in the performing arts department.

5. Agriculture

An agriculture major is one that is heavily rooted in the physical world, even if you are doing most of your learning in the classroom. A focus on real-world planning means that you're probably going to be coming up with sustainability projects instead of taking written tests.

6. Sociology

Sociology is a large subject that focuses around the topics of social relationships and social institutions. The plus side of that? You'll have exams, but you are not going to be tested on a plethora of dates, theorems, or mathematical equations.

7. Music

If you're a music major, you definitely know how to read sheet music. Chances are that most of your grades will be dependent on individual compositions and analyses of famous works.

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