This Is Where Guys Want To Be Touched

Want to know what your biggest sex organ is? Your skin. Now, before you laugh, think about it. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ — it covers, well, basically all of you. Any time you’re having sex, your skin is very, very involved. The thing is that we tend to ignore a whole lot of our skin when we’re getting busy. I mean, if movies are anything to be believed (and, pro tip, they’re not), most people go right from kissing to penetration in like, less than a minute. One way to up your game in bed is to start paying attention to those skin-covered erogenous zones that aren’t your partner’s genitals. While the crotch is an obvious place to touch if you’re having sex, there is a whole body attached to that penis or vagina that you might be neglecting. What about their fingers? Their thighs? Their elbows? Yeah, you didn't think of that one, did you?

Every person is different, obviously, and figuring out where your partner’s hot spot is can be a fun game — one that not only helps you get to know them better but also makes your foreplay way, way hotter. If you’re into exploring, but aren’t sure where to start, check out the responses from these brave guys, who revealed to Bustle exactly where their (non-genital) erogenous zones are located. Then go try out each one with your partner! Who knows, you might find something that they didn’t know they liked.

1. Eddy, 28


2. Heathen, 35

My beard. (But just the right way by the right person.)

3. Elijah, 33

Extremely hard neck bites really do the trick. Also, one time a I asked a girl where she wanted to kiss me and she planted one just inside my thigh bone. That was three years ago. I can still feel it.

4. Jason, 26


5. Jake, 29

Like, anus not included, right? Definitely neck.

6. Chris, 32

Upper neck. Like, just below the ears.

7. John, 70


8. Jaleel, 30

Kissing, licking, and gnawing where my latissiumus dorsi meet my armpits.

9. Tony

Nipples ... but go easy, mkay?

10. George, 50

Hollow of throat.

11. Steve, 70


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Images: Giphy (11); Melissa Segal/Flickr