Where Is 'PLL's Sara Harvey After The Time Jump?

by Caitlin Flynn

First it was going to be the Summer of Answers — and, when that failed to deliver, we were promised a finale full of answers. In two of the most anticipated identity reveals, we learned during the Season 6A finale of Pretty Little Liars that Sara Harvey is Red Coat and Black Widow. Unfortunately, this reveal was upstaged by the unmasking of A — and not in a good way. As I eagerly tuned in to watch "Game Over, Charles", I thought the only way I'd walk away angry was if we didn't get our answers. I'm now officially longing for a simpler time (of approximately 24 hours ago), when I thought the only axe I'd have to grind with Pretty Little Liars was a failure to resolve the show's key mysteries prior to the time jump.

Instead, a show I have admired for its empowering depiction of LGBT characters, delivered a deeply offensive unmasking of a transgender villain. Based on the Twitter reactions to CeCe Drake being Big A and my own dumbfounded texts with my friends, this reveal did not go over well with the Pretty Little Liars fanbase and has left many of us wondering if we'll even tune in for Season 6B. Some fans are cautiously hopeful that we'll be given an explanation that will make this egregious judgement lapse somehow less offensive. Others remain dedicated to our Liars and feel conflicted about saying goodbye to these characters without finding out how they're doing five years later.

If we do watch, there's already a new mystery that's been set in motion. Another implicit mystery is what the heck ended up happening with Sara at the end of this finale — and where will she be in five years? Check out Bustle's PLL podcast below for more thoughts on the time jump, followed by a few theories of where Season 6B may find Red Coat.

1. She's In A Mental Hospital

Although Sara's connection to CeCe remains unclear, right now her participation in the A game appears to be completely voluntary. Still, we know this girl is a master manipulator, and it's entirely possible that she convinced a group of doctors she's mentally unwell, or really is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or another disorder and needs professional help rather than jail time.

2. She's Just Been Released From Prison

The Rosewood justice system works in mysterious ways (aka not at all), so if Sara did end up serving jail time for her role in the stalking and kidnapping of the Liars, I doubt she'd still be behind bars five years later.

3. She's Taken Over The A Game

Sara showed no remorse for her actions, and although CeCe declared "Game over," the ever-sketchy Sara Harvey may not feel the same way. If she does take over the A game, she'll probably get her own set of helpers the same way CeCe supposedly "hired" Sara. (Seriously, where does one post a job like that? In the classifieds of the local paper?). If that is the case, then Season 6B is truly doomed in every way possible, because the A plotline has run its course and then some.

4. She's Gone For Good

An angry Pretty Little Liars viewer can dream, right? We may have gotten a brief glimpse of Sara in the Season 6B preview, but I hope that it was her official departure from the series. After that disappointment of a finale, the least showrunners can do is send this character packing so neither we nor the Liars ever need to see her again.

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