What Happened To Rhys On 'Pretty Little Liars'? The Jason Lookalike Was Quickly Written Off

During Pretty Little Liars Season 6A season finale, the real Big A, CeCe Drake, laid out her whole plan, and reasoning, for torturing the Liars. Something that made its way into her plan was Rhys Matthews, the Carissimi group employee who just so happened to look exactly like Jason DiLaurentis, brother of CeCe and Alison. This lookalike was all part of CeCe's plan, and while she never laid out the details to Alison, Spencer was able to figure out the meaning behind Rhys. Though we barely saw him in the episode, what happened to Rhys on Pretty Little Liars?

Rhys was built up to seem like the perfect lost DiLaurentis sibling, but not so fast. As Spencer realizes while looking at CeCe's grand, impressive, and tech-savvy computer, Rhys was nothing more than a decoy. As it's explained, CeCe "never made a bad investment" and managed to rack up enough money to create the Carissimi Group. She hired Rhys as the figurehead of that false company, because she knew sooner or later, the Liars would start sniffing around and come across him. With Rhys as their first point of contact, they were of course going to assume that he somehow tied into everything. Just like many fans did, including the hosts of Bustle's PLL podcast, which you can check out below.

In the end, while he does play a part, it's a pretty small one. Rhys falls back into the shadows after CeCe is revealed as A, and it's doubtful we'll ever see him again in Rosewood.

As for what really happened to him after the Big Reveal, we can guess that the Carissimi Group dissolved. I mean, it's highly unlikely that they kept on doing whatever the heck they were doing (and seriously, what were they doing? Add that to the list of UnAnswered Questions). With CeCe now in police custody, there's going to be no one to pull the strings there, and no one for Rhys to have contact with. It's never even fully explained if Rhys even met CeCe. He made mention of a mysterious boss who he had frequent conference calls with, but that was it.

This is something for Rosewood PD to sort out, but I could see Rhys being brought up on some sort of minor charges for helping CeCe — it seemed like he was the one who swapped Aria's pictures, and was caught on camera by Tanner. Even though he might not have known exactly what he was doing, he was still doing it, and aiding CeCe in her plan.

But now that's all over, and there's no more A, as CeCe is gone, and the Carissimi Group won't be able to function anymore. Rhys probably woke up the next morning and checked the Help Wanted section of the newspaper. I imagine he'll have a job again in no time, seeing as how attractive gentlemen are a hot commodity in Rosewood. He'll be back to work as someone else's patsy soon enough — it just won't be with CeCe.

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Images: ABC Family; nellie-v-glee/Tumblr