What's Wrong With Meg Maley's Knee On 'Big Brother 17'? HoH Competitions Are Proving Difficult For Her

Big Brother 17 is really getting down to the wire at this point. Most of the floaters have been cut and now the houseguests are going after the stronger players in the game. Power has shifted to the other side of the house with James, Jackie, and Meg attempting to run things now. It's been an interesting twist as TV viewer, but one thing that I don't get is how Meg Maley fits into the Big Brother mix. She has not won a single competition, and I'm annoyed because it seems like she just isn't pulling her weight. But, there may be a reason behind that. During one of the recent HoH competitions we learned that Meg has knee problems.

Then when I was watching the live feeds, I saw a giant scar on her leg and realized that it's been there the whole time. Then I felt like a jerk for hating on her for "not trying" or "giving up" in pretty much every physical competition. It's clear that she came into the house with a preexisting injury or condition. And, now it makes complete sense for her to be losing all of the endurance competitions. So what's the deal with that scar?

It hasn't been addressed so much on the show, but if you watch the Big Brother live feeds or Big Brother After Dark, you might have heard Meg talking about her trouble with arthritis. She has said that there was an issue with one of her surgeries and that resulted in further corrective surgery, with three procedures in total.

Big Brother is really an all-encompassing game. It requires skills in a variety of areas from trivia to memory to socializing to endurance. I never realized how physically taxing it could be until I started to notice all of the comments Meg made in the Diary Room about the more athletic competitions. During the last HoH competition, an endurance challenge, Meg basically gave up from the start saying, “There’s no way I’m winning this comp. I’m playing against Austin to see who is slowest.”

There are additional photos of her injuries with explanations from Meg herself on her Instagram page that were previously published, but her Instagram page is now private so all we have to go on are her references in the live feeds and her constant Advil intake to dull the pain. Poor Meg! It will be interesting to see how she endures the rest of the season, and hopefully she'll win a non-physical HoH soon!

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Image: CBS