These Are Go-To Shoes Of All The Little Liars

by Madison Fraser

In lieu of Tuesday night's Pretty Little Liars season finale, let's talk about something a little more lighthearted: the girl's killer fashion! In an interview with Footwear News, the show's costume designer Mandi Line revealed what shoes the PLL characters normally wear in each episode.

Although we generally don't catch a lot of glimpses of the girls shoes on set, you can probably guess by their famous outfits that the footwear has to be on point. When asked by FN what shoes the girls would be rocking for the season 6 finale, Line lamented that their dresses were too long to really see them, but she guaranteed that they worked for each character's individual style, like Spencer Hasting's go-to mix of prep school and "borrowed from the boys" we normally see in episodes.

"These girls never left the house without a great matching pair of shoes that would always tie an outfit together,” Line assured.

In terms of what brands she normally gravitates towards for each girl, this is what she revealed to FN:

For Emily: “Nike, All Saints, Adidas and Vans too. Rag & Bone is my favorite.”

For Hanna: “Heels, heels, heels. Throughout season six my Hanna favorites are: Guess, Dolce Vita, Steve Madden, Kate Spade, Jessica Simpson and Frye.”

For Aria: “Aria loves some Sam Edelman, Vince Camuto, Marc Jacobs and Nike!”

For Spencer: “Keds, Converse, All Saints, Bass, Topshop and H&M.”

Hanna in heels? Such a surprise. If you're ready to get your ~PLL style~ on fleek, here are some picks from each of their favorite brands.

Emily Fields

Grey Nike Trainers, $129; asos.com

Black Rag & Bone Booties, $595; rag-bone.com

Hanna Marin

Steve Madden 'Stuningg' Heel, $79.95; stevemadden.com

Dolce Vita Havoc Heels, $86.90; dolcevita.com

Aria Montgomery

Vince Camuto Textured Slip On, $119; vincecamuto.com

Sam Edelman Alton Heel, $140; samedelman.com

Spencer Hastings

Chuck Taylor Grey Wash Sneakers, $60; converse.com

H&M Patent Leather Loafers, $80; hm.com

Whether you're more an Aria or an Emily, gorgeous shoes will never go out of style.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Courtesy Brands (8)