5 Stylish Reasons I'll Miss 'Pretty Little Liars'

by Kali Borovic

During summer finale of Pretty Little Liars airing Tuesday, we're promised A TON of answers. But on top of finally finding out who A is and figuring out what the heck is going on with Alison's long-lost brother, I'll be looking forward to all the fabulous outfits that the girls wear. Although the fashionable friends will still be on Netflix, I'll no longer get to see the new hairstyles and clothing combinations of the most stylish ladies on TV — at least until the show comes back in the January 2016. *Tears emoji.*

It's been six long years of trying to figure out who Red Coat, A, and Uber A are, and one of the only things keeping me from giving up on the show completely is the fashion-forward cast. On top of looking fabulous every Tuesday night, the crew keeps up with their on and off-screen looks on their social media pages. So even when the clock strikes nine and the show ends, I can use all the stylish screenshots and Insta posts to get outfit inspiration until the following week's episode.

Now that we're only one short episode away from the summer season's end, PLL off-season anxiety is seriously starting to kick in. Gone will be all the awesome group photoshoots, screen shots, and outfit info from the cast, so let's embrace the four finest ladies while we still can.

1. Constantly Changing Haircuts

As the episodes went on this season, the girls' hair changed almost every week. From shorter cuts to bright colors, there was always something new to obsess over.

2. Fashionable Couples

#Haleb was one of the many couples that were on the show that always had on-point fashion. They showed their own personalities while looking fabulous together as well. What could be better than that?

3. Behind The Scenes Shots

I absolutely LOVED when the cast would share behind the scenes pictures and then tag where they got the outfits. They made it easy to get inspired, even if I could never afford the actual looks.

4. Stylish Collaborations

Spoby teamed up to create their own shirt to raise money for charity. I can only hope that this won't be the end of the cast's collaborations.

5. Coordinating Looks

What's better than four best friends in matching looks? Answer: nothing.

When PLL-withdrawal sets in, just know that the fabulous past looks are only a scroll away.

Image: ABC Family/Eric McCandless