Anna Faris Says Chris Pratt Cheating Rumors Are "Stinging" & Her Side Of The Story Will Make You Look At Gossip Differently

This has been a particularly bad summer for celebrity couples. With everyone from Ben and Jen to Gwen and Gav (couldn't help myself) calling it quits, you can't be blamed for turning to super solid celebs for solace. But the rumor mill went too far by threatening to take Anna Faris and Chris Pratt away from us by suggesting Pratt cheated on Faris with Jennifer Lawrence (is nothing sacred?), and Faris isn't sitting by and keeping silent about it.

Faris and Pratt have been married for six years and are parents to 3-year-old son, Jack. The 36-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy star has admitted he fell for his 38-year-old wife while they were filming Take Me Home Tonight — and while she was still married to Ben Indrabut denies anything happened between them until after her divorce. They consider each other soul mates and always look relaxed together and in love, which is why it's impossible to swallow the possibility that Pratt would cheat on her with Lawrence, who is his Passengers co-star.

Celebrities have to laugh off rumors about themselves every day, but this is one that Faris told Us Weekly she can't shake:

I had always kind of believed that part of the rumors of celebrity couples were sort of true because they had never been part of my life. I was like, "Oh, maybe there's a kernel of truth to that." It's been a little devastating because for us, it's like, "What the heck?" This has been blindsiding to us. We have an incredible relationship. It has been weirdly stinging.

I can't say I blame her for feeling hurt. A silly cheating rumor like this one doesn't just affect Faris and Pratt, it's also an irresponsible thing to suggest about a family raising a child.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It also might stop and make you reconsider before deciding you hate someone like Ben Affleck's guts, for example. If a couple who has gone on the record as saying, "Anna and I were meant to be together" and "I am very lucky that I am with a man [who] values family" can fall victim to vicious rumors of infidelity, imagine how simple it is to create false narratives about Affleck and Garner, who were always far less lovey-dovey in public.

It's unbelievably simple to create rumors and help them spread like fire. A tabloid needs one source, reliable or not, to claim Affleck flew on a plane with his nanny to Las Vegas where they were intimate, or one "friend" who noticed Lawrence and Pratt laughing at the same joke and locking eyes, and boom, you have yourself a juicy morsel of gossip.

Seemingly solid couples sometimes fall apart at the seams, but Pratt and Faris don't appear to be in any danger. Their weird situation only proves that all celeb couple rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.