Magicians Are Trendy, Now

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that you cam blame this all on David Blaine, because he's the one whose ABC special, David Blaine's Real or Magic , managed to kill it in the ratings when it aired late last month. (It also confused the hell out of Ricky Gervais, in case you missed this epic clip.) Whatever the reason though, it looks like A&E is going forward with this and there's nothing we can do: According to Deadline, A&E has greenlit Don't Trust Andrew Mayne, a reality show from magician Andrew Mayne that will follow him as he assists people to "get even by teaching a lesson to those who’ve wronged them" — a lesson involving magic tricks, of course.

What sort of magic tricks, you ask? Oh, only the kind that include explosions, disappearing cars, and "someone’s precious motorcycle getting shot out of the sky." Seriously, look: A&E even has a clip of Mayne making someone's iPhone end up in a "pickle." Don't Trust Andrew Mayne? More like, Don't Mess With Andrew Mayne Because He'll Seriously Mess Your Shit Up. Duly noted, A&E.

The series is set to premiere on A&E on Jan. 13 at 10 p.m., with two back-to-back episodes.