Kendall's Latest Outfit Is Super Affordable

Airport style presents unique issues. You want to be comfortable when traveling, but you don't want to schlep around like a slob, either. A superb ensemble option? Kendall Jenner's Forever 21 khaki overalls with wide legs, which she wore while on-the-go at LAX. Her ensemble was the ultimate in cheap 'n' chic airport style that could go way beyond travel expeditions.

The outfit is stylish. It's cute. It seems comfy. It appears to be way breathable. It isn't fussy or sloppy. It's everything you want when you're lugging your suitcase to the bag check. But best of all, you can grab this crazy-affordable outfit with a quick trip to the mall and wear it to a Girls' Night Out, on a date, or to work.

The Kendall Jenner-worn Forever 21 Contemporary overalls will set you back a mere $28. There really is hope we could all be as stylish as her! And don't fret if you're not a tall girl like Kendall; wide leg pants look great on short people too.

You can wear a white tank, a cropped black top, or even a vintage graphic t-shirt with the overalls to style it your own unique flair. Pair it with flip flops if you want to be casual or with an espadrille to take it up a notch for other, fancier pursuits.

The supermodel went with a combo of simple white sneaks and a tee, along with round shades. It was insanely practical while being really adorable at the same time.

Seriously, Kendall's off-duty style, like her bikini game, is pretty flawless.

The overalls are so glamsual. I love how they have peek-a-boo sides.

These sandals infuse the outfit with more of a date night feel.

The loose flow and construction certainly makes them look comfortable.

The criss-cross back adds some detailing, too.

You should probably tweet at Kendall and thank her for giving you your new date or travel outfit. I bet she'd appreciate that.

Images: Forever 21 (3)