Dane DeHaan Out-Acts R. Pattz In 'Life' Trailer

I have a feeling that even suggesting this will make millions of Robert Pattinson fans leap down my throat, but have you seen the new Life trailer? He gets totally out-acted by Dane DeHaan! Now, don't get me wrong, I actually thought Pattinson was really well suited for his role in Twilight, so he obviously has some skills... I just don't know that any project since has brought them out, for whatever reason. Which is really weird, I know, but, once you watch this trailer, I think you'll agree with me. DeHaan has basically the same creepy-indie resume that Pattinson does, with some similar dabbling in a franchise in the form of The Amazing Spider Man 2, but he's blowing Pattinson out of the water here. Dude can't even keep up.

In case you aren't familiar with the film Life, which will be out sometime later this year, it's the story of a young James Dean just as he starts getting famous. DeHaan plays Dean and Pattinson plays the photographer who first saw something in him, pushing to get him in front of the camera as an up-and-comer. I don't know if it's because Pattinson has to do an American accent or what, but, from the first frame, he seems stiff and uncomfortable, especially as compared to DeHaan's easy fluidity. Here are nine of the moments when it's the most pronounced.

1. "This Is A Real Phone, I Promise"

If you're trying to convince me you've ever made a phone call before, you are sadly not succeeding.

2. "I Know How To Shake Hands"

Then how do you explain the fear in your eyes?

3. Working Too Hard, Man!

Just do me a favor and relax your face.

4. Let Some Light In Those Eyes

It does a body good.

5. Just A Little Bit Of Light?

One or two sparkles?

6. Please?

I'll be your friend forever!

7. I'm Begging You

You're honestly scaring me at this point.

8. Whatcha Lookin' At, Bud?

Eyes on me, class!

9. I'd Even Settle For A Little Bit Of Smolder

OK, that'll do I suppose. Thank you.

But, seriously, you guys, take a look at this trailer, and tell me I'm not crazy?

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe Pattinson will turn out to be the bestest thing ever in this movie, and I'll be proved totally wrong. But, in the meantime, I think he's pulling roles that he doesn't necessarily connect with, and that's making it hard for me to connect with him onscreen. Never thought I'd say this, but maybe his best work was in Twilight.

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