Will Wren Be On 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6B? Julian Morris Says He's Coming Back Eventually & Here's How It Could Happen

Well, it happened: Pretty Little Liars finally revealed the identity of the elusive A, and, shockingly, it wasn't Wren Kingston. Big A was someone that few fans expected, mainly because we were looking for Ali and Jason's older "brother" (per the show's own insistence) when, in face, Big A is their sister. Cece Drake, a.k.a. Charlotte DiLaurentis, is the one who has been torturing the girls this entire time, and while many fans found the Big A reveal problematic (in more ways than one) others were more surprised that shady-as-hell Wren has nothing to do with A at all. So is this the end of Wren's storyline for good? Don't fret: according to actor Julian Morris, Wren is coming back to Pretty Little Liars . Phew.

The "good doctor" has been MIA from Pretty Little Liars for quite some time now, but that didn't stop fans from theorizing that he was the one behind the black hoodie. Truth be told, a big Wren reveal would have made plenty of sense: he worked at Radley, was spotted coloring in a drawing that looked suspiciously like that of the DiLaurentis family, and had a thing about obsessing over underage girls. He definitely had A potential, but alas, he wasn't the person at the center of it all.

But does that mean that Wren is really persona non grata on this show? Have no fear: Wren could still be significant now that we know he'll be returning after the five-year time jump. Wren could be back on the show in a big way, and here's what he could be up to when it returns:

1. Wren Will Be Cece's New Psychiatrist

Cece chose to live rather than jump off the roof to her death, but I doubt that she'll be allowed to roam free after everything she put the girls through over the last few years. It's likely that Cece will end up back in some sort of mental facility, or, at the very least, cared for at home with doctors on call. We know that Wren worked at Radley, so could he return to Rosewood in order to see that Cece is being cared for?

2. He'll Return To Marry Melissa...

Melissa and Wren are back to being "a thing," despite the fact that Wren pursued a relationship with Melissa's younger sister Spencer pretty much immediately after Melissa dumped his ass for kissing her. If they're still together five years down the line, perhaps they'll finally have made good on their once-broken engagement and return to Rosewood to get hitched.

3. ...Or He'll Be Dating Spencer

If Wren isn't actually A, then he's a hot British doctor. That can be hard to pass up!

4. He'll Be Revealed As Beach Hottie, Uber A, Or Another Villain

There are so many clues that Wren is shady AF, and just because he's not Big A doesn't mean that he isn't the show's ultimate Big Bad. As we saw in the flash-forward, Ali is being pursued by someone — this time, a guy. Could it be the man she thought she was pregnant with in Cape May, a.k.a. beach hottie? There's no reason to rule Wren out of that villainous title just yet.

I'm stoked that Wren is returning to Pretty Little Liars. He might not be a DiLaurentis, but he definitely deserves the chance to explain his bizarre behavior. Fingers crossed that this Brit is as devilish as he seems.

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