Amy Poehler's 'Smart Girls' New Web Series 'Experimenting With Megan Amram' Is Worth Watching ASAP — VIDEO

Megan Amram has been a comedy force for years now, and has lived most comedians' dream: she first got exposure writing her signature cleverly absurd jokes on Twitter, and later scored a job writing for Parks and Recreation. Now, Amram can be seen in her very own web series on Amy Poehler's Smart Girls network, "Experimenting with Megan Amram."

It's like an extension of Megan Amram's book, Science...For Her! — which, in case you haven't read it (if this is the case, you should go do so immediately!), is a satirical textbook mocking how society is condescending toward women. Amram majored in Psychology at Harvard University, and uses her wealth of knowledge to inform her comedy.

There is more to the series than meets the eye: Amram uses her comedic persona as a sort of Trojan Horse, bringing in scientists to use Amram's jokes in an effort to persuade us to listen to the details of their research without even realizing it. Each episode is also accompanied by an activity that kids can download and do themselves. In the first two episodes, which can be seen on Smart Girls' website, Amram interviewed Dr. Beverly McKeon, a professor of Aeronautics at Cal Tech, and Dr. Sara Wasserman, a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA, respectively. This is not your average interview fare: both expose young girls to new topics within the sciences, and give these awesome female scientists opportunities to discuss their research.

The more smart girls at the party, the merrier. And more importantly: the more Amy Poehler's Smart Girls is able to encourage girls to embrace rather than to suppress their smartness — well, that's the merriest.

View the premiere episode right here, and check out Episode 2 over at Amy Poehler's Smart Girls.

Image: Smart Girls