'Hudson Valley Ballers' Is A Web Show To Check Out

by Kaitlin Reilly

Are you suffering from a serious case of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt withdrawal? Does watching Saturday Night Live sketches when your boss isn't looking help get you through any given workday? If so, I have a new bite-sized series for you to tune in to: Above Average's Hudson Valley Ballers is one of the best web series floating around the Internet right now, and I'm fairly certain it'll be your antidote for weekday boredom. The series was written and produced by longtime Saturday Night Live writers Paula Pell and James Anderson, who just so happen to be longtime BFFs — and the series chronicles fictionalized version of Pell and Anderson as they explore the next chapter of their life. Specifically, a life of owning a bed and breakfast in the Hudson Valley.

Bizarre, fever dream-adjacent hilarity ensues.

Each episode of Hudson Valley Ballers on Above Average is roughly five minutes long, but don't worry: the short run time doesn't put a damper on any comedy. In fact, the first episode alone boasts two huge guest stars in absolutely ridiculous roles: Kate McKinnon of SNL fame plays "Just Jamie," a flannel-loving animal control worker, while Paul Rudd tackles the complex role of the "sexy drifter." Did I mention he's rocking short shorts?

Yeah... you're going to want to click play on this video.

McKinnon and Rudd aren't the only comedy powerhouses to make an appearance on the web series: In fact, many amazing, famous comedians have popped up in the no-longer-so-sleepy Hudson Valley. That includes Lena Dunham, who takes on a role that Brooklynite Hannah Horvath definitely could not relate to: Dunham plays animal exterminator "Humane Jane" on the series, a woman who makes a vow not to kill any of the woodchucks and other critters she encounters. (Apparently, they're attracted to both saltines and hot gossip — who knew?)

Comedy goddess Tina Fey also guest stars on the series as "Gingey," a sweet Midwestern lady who could ruin the bed and breakfast owners with a bad review on her review site. (Ex: "The muffins were more stale than an inmate's kiss.")

The first half of Season 1 of Hudson Valley Ballers featured four episodes, and now the full eight are available online to stream, whether on YouTube, online network Above Average, and LStudio. Shenanigans across the first season include encounters with creepy dolls, and confessions with a "truth Basset."

Perhaps the best piece of advice for watching Hudson Valley Ballers is to just, you know, "go with it." If you do, I promise... you'll have a great time.

Images: Above Average/YouTube (2)