Emojis For The 2016 Election That'll Help You Survive This Political Season, Because Sometimes Words Just Aren't Enough

Campaign season stress is officially here, and sometimes words just aren't enough to show your frustration, which is why you might need to learn how to express your feelings about the 2016 election in emojis. The 2016 election is just starting to get into the swing of things, and if we aren't careful, we could all go kind of bonkers from the sheer insanity that is the presidential election cycle. Anyway, if Hillary Clinton can use emojis in her campaign, we can too.

It's important to learn how to take care of yourself in this trying time. Remember: Being forewarned is being forearmed, and America is going to need all the precautions it can get to make it through 2016 alive. But the No. 1 tip for getting through this cycle is to learn how to conserve time and energy. Which means using emojis.

Instead of passionately typing out a thesis on what you thought about Donald Trump's comments on Megyn Kelly, just shoot your friends a handy emoji shorthand. A picture is word a thousand words, after all. And in the long run, you'll need the energy that you would have used texting. We've got months to go, and so many opportunities to live-tweet this election. So save yourself the trouble, and hunker down, my friend. And maybe take advantage of some of these tips for surviving the election and maintaining your peace of mind.

Get The Facts

"Soaking up the knowledge."

Try To Learn Who The Republican Candidates Are

A visual representation of the Republican primaries.

Pick Your Candidate


Avoid Family Conversations

"Sorry Grandma, I can't hear that racist thing you just said."

Maybe Just Avoid Most Conversations In General

Actual picture of internet trolls.

Learn How to Wait

"I will die of old age before 2016."

Find Ways To Cope With Stress

"One glass for every candidate."

Have A Back Up Plan If It All Goes Badly

"Helloooo Canada."

Learn When To Walk Away

"BRB, running away from Fox News."

Ask The Important Questions

"Do you think Bill Clinton still plays the saxophone?"

Distract Yourself By Planning An Election Night Party

AKA: how to survive that terrible Tuesday.

Learn To Appreciate The Little Things

"Donald Trump is kind of a gift from the comedy gods, tbh."

Remember, the key to surviving this election is to be smart. Spend your energy wisely. Emojis will help you navigate the murky and stressful waters of this upcoming season. Godspeed, friend.