This 'Catfish' Is Really A Whole School Of Catfish

by Nicole Pomarico

Is it just me, or is Catfish getting weirder with every episode this season? Like last week's episode with couple Andria and David, Ayissha's already gotten a confession out of her longtime online girlfriend, Sydney — she's actually a girl named Whitney. But that's all Ayissha knows, and she isn't even sure that she's telling the truth about that identity either. Because as it turns out, Catfish couple Ayissha and Sydney aren't just a couple. Sydney is a whole bunch of identities rolled into one.

Here's where it gets scary. Whitney knows things about Ayissha that she's never told her, like where she is and when. Because of that, Ayissha's pretty freaked out and has a strong feeling she's being stalked, which is clearly pretty terrifying. I can't blame her for calling Nev and Max in... you know, aside from the fact that it looks super fun to hang out with them and everything.

After a little sleuthing, the guys discover something pretty important: None of her Facebook friends they contact know who Whitney is. And then, Nev puts it together. He's getting the same message from all of them... so they must be fake profiles that Whitney's creating. And Whitney's been using them to keep an eye on Ayissha and even to make fun of her so that Whitney can step in and look like the good guy. Yeah, this just got way creepier than it was to start out with, and I didn't think that was possible.

Fortunately, Whitney was willing to cooperate and meet up. When Ayissha and Whitney first came face to face, it was obvious she still wasn't the Whitney from her photos. But she didn't try to act like anything she did was right, and explained it all stemmed from her own insecurities — just like it typically does for people who catfish others.

In the end, it's totally understandable why she wanted to be Whitney. It's hard to be young and trying to figure out your own sexuality. But Whitney carried it through her twenties until she felt like it was too late to go back on her lies, and it's obvious from how much she was crying through her apology that her feelings for Ayissha are real.

The good news? These days, she's in the military and she seemed way happier when Nev and Max caught up with her two months later. Fingers crossed that Whitney's officially learned her lesson and shut all of those profiles down.

Image: MTV