11 Embellished Tights For Fall Because Your Legs Deserve Some Fun Too

With summer past its peak, the time to consider autumn wardrobe changes is upon us. So what better way to prepare for chilly mornings and cool evenings than seeking embellished tights for fall? As temperatures begin to drop, there's no reason to say goodbye to the beautiful shorts and skirts you've adored all summer long. With the wide array of genuinely lovely tights on the market this season, the solution is simple: Keep your legs warm and free with stunning hosiery.

Whether your stem style is classic and luxurious or quaint and cheeky, there are plenty of options in the hosiery department. Although stockings can be a bit of a pain (both in their wear and care) they can remain your most loyal leg accessory all season long with proper stocking maintenance. Of course, with so many great options, you might be hard-pressed to settle on just one favorite pair. But as fashion accessories and statement pieces go, isn't that the point?

Liven up your wardrobe by featuring an array of beautiful hues, classic designs, and stunningly embellished stockings this fall. With plenty of inspiration from this swoon-worthy list of lovely tights, your legs will be happy, and so will you. I mean, looking down and seeing brilliant hosiery is one of life's simple pleasures.

1. Literary Inspired

A Tale of New Tights In Plus Size, $30, Modcloth

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but the time was right for tights — especially these refined statement ones from ModCloth. They would be oh-so charming on a late summer evening with a delicate blue skirt.

2. Loving That Lace

Intricately Exquisite Tights in Plus Size, $15, Modcloth

Dark lace patterns are a lovely way to transition into fall hosiery. Plus, the slightly floral pattern in these exquisite tights is somewhat reminiscent of the soon to be turning fall foliage.

3. Encrusted With Crystals

Sexy Crystallized Crystal Diamond Sheer Tights, $33, Etsy

That's right, sparkle lovers, now you can glimmer your way across just about any room. For the ultimate in hosiery embellishments, give these crystallized sheer tights a try. Considering their material, however, be sure to read up on hosiery care to cut down on runs and tears.

4. Delicate Details

Greed Lace Pantyhose Tights, $23, Etsy

Looking for classic lines with a twist? Check out these edgy, chic, and absolutely incredible fishnet tights. They're full of beautiful detail and are the perfect accent for the standard little black dress.

5. The Year Of The Mermaid

Mermaid Tights, $13, Etsy

If mythical creatures had to settle on a singular superstar for summer 2015, the mermaid would be crowned queen. So why not carry her glory into fall? These mermaid tights provide all of the playful, whimsical aspects of life under the sea, without the goosebumps that come from dipping your toes into cool autumn water.

6. Further Under The Sea

Closed Toe Nude Color One Size Octopuses, $29, Etsy

Maybe mermaids aren't your forte. Perhaps you're a fan of the ocean's real-life wonders. Well, these cephalopod-inspired tights are certainly stunning, and definitely stay true to the underwater theme.

7. Moroccan My Socks Off

Moroccan Motif Pattern Lace Tights, $13, Etsy

All corny headings aside, aren't these blue lace stockings lovely? They're definitely worthy of that transition between summer and fall as their intricate detail makes for a perfect statement piece.

8. Still Ombre

Ombre Tights, $40, Etsy

Ombre isn't off the radar quite yet and one area it truly shines in is hosiery. With ample room for color to cascade, your legs are the perfect arena for gradual, hand dyed gradients that add great visual appeal to any ordinary outfit.

9 & 10. Golden, Baby

Golden Printed Sheer Nude Tights, $35, Etsy

Gold Tattoo Tights, $35, Etsy

Tights with golden embellishments for evenings out? Yes, please!

11. Look, Cats Are The Best, OK?

Cat Tights, $42, Etsy

This cat feature is short, sweet, and adorable. Just look how many kitties there are!

So, isn't it about time you found your favorite fall stockings before the season is upon us and your legs are left exposed?

Images: Courtesy Brands