Cara Delevingne Doesn't Care About Fashion (Gasp!), But We Definitely Still Love Her

One certain model most likely on your fashion-inspo list, whether its from her countless fashion spreads or simply her forever-flawless eyebrows. But model/actress/overall superstar Cara Delevingne admitted she doesn't care about fashion, something that's a bit unexpected from Karl Lagerfeld's favorite.

Delevingne sat down for an interview with UK television show Lorraine to discuss her popular starring role in the film Paper Towns as well as, of course, her modeling career. When talking about her Paper Towns character Margo being a tomboy, Delevingne admits that she can relate.

"I'm kind of the same," Delevingne said. "Modeling is my job, it's what I do but really I don't care, at all, about fashion. I love it, but it's not something that bothers me that much, If I had a choice I wouldn't wear makeup and would schlump around in my pizza pajamas." OK, where did Delevingne get these pizza pajamas? Because I definitely need a pair.

But for Delevingne to say she's not the biggest fan of fashion is both a shock and not very surprising at all. Though her red carpet appearances are always on point, her off-duty style is definitely casual, even when she's rocking cotton candy pink hair. Take a look at some of her top, down-to-earth style choices:

Rocking A Hoodie And Poncho At Glastonbury

In A Snapback and Leather Jacket

Pairing Cut-Offs With Unique Accessories

With A Playful Hat And A Cara-Level Face

Rocking Purple Hair (Or Wig?) And Dirty Denim

She may not care about fashion, but I'd certainly like to raid her closet.