Uber's RETURNS Service Will Return Clothing You Purchased While Online Shopping, Which Is Basically The Best Thing Ever

As if Uber wasn’t the greatest thing invented already, it had to go and get that much better. Hard to belive, I know, but on Thursday Uber launched RETURNS, a service that returns clothing items purchased online, which means no more trips to the post office for you! For all of the indecisive shopaholics out there, this is music to your ears. I know, because I’m right there with you!

Not only do you now have the freedom to order whatever you think you might like online, with RETURNS you also have the freedom to return it without really trying. Once you decide you don’t want to keep something, just throw that sucker in it’s pre-labeled package and send it on it’s way. You won’t even have time to talk yourself into keeping it because you hate going to the post office that much. Uber single-handedly improved itself and online shopping in one fell swoop. Bravo, you life changing car service, you. Bravo.

But, before you go and get too excited, this service is only available to New York City for now. So, if you live in the Big Apple, I’m officially even more jealous. The service is available through the end of September, so take advantage while you can! It’s free through Aug. 19 and only $4 a package after.

You know what that means…


But without that shipping step.


Now back to more important things like... Netflix. Could life be any better?

Images: William Iven/Unsplash; Giphy (2)