Hailee Steinfeld Is Having An Incredible Year

One of the most interesting movies out this summer, Ten Thousand Saints , is a coming-of-age film following three troubled teenagers who live with their equally troubled parents in the East Village neighborhood of New York in the late 1980s. The two male protagonists are played by Asa Butterfield and Avan Jogia, and their female counterpart is played by Hailee Steinfeld. The 18-year-old has already appeared in multiple feature films previously (a little movie called Pitch Perfect 2 will ring familiar), as well as contributing to projects in other areas of the entertainment industry. She is a perfect example of a talented young actor who gets increasingly busy each year as her fame grows. So, what is the next Hailee Steinfield movie?

Steinfeld fans, you're in luck: the actor has multiple projects in the works, including playing Vince Vaughn's daughter in the upcoming crime thriller Term Life. She has also said that she's on board for Pitch Perfect 3, which is scheduled to be released in June 2017. So fans can rejoice; you'll be getting to see a lot more of this girl in the coming months/years! Here are some great Hailee Steinfield movies to watch to get more familiar with some of the star's work up until now:

1. True Grit

Although she was just 13 when she played Mattie Ross in this remake of the Western epic, Steinfield's performance was so impressive that she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

2. Pitch Perfect 2

Steinfield proved that she has some serious pipes when she sang in this summer's musical sequel. As a result of this appearance, she got a record deal with Republic Records, and recently released her single "Love Myself."

3. Ender's Game

Ten Thousand Saints isn't the first time that Steinfield has worked with Asa Butterfield; the two also appeared onscreen together in the 2013 adaptation of Orson Scott Card's sci-fi novel.

4. Romeo And Juliet

The coveted role of Juliet was intended for a 20-year-old actress in this adaptation of the celebrated Shakespeare tragedy, but Steinfield was cast at the age of 14 — prompting the removal of any scenes that had been intended to involve nudity.

5. Barely Lethal

Steinfield told MTV News that she did some serious stunt training to prepare for her role in this action flick, including lots of fight choreography and even hanging off a helicopter. Casual.

Still can't get enough of Hailee? You can listen to "Love Myself" on repeat (as we all are) and you can also see her in Taylor Swift's music video for "Bad Blood," where she played The Trinity. Then go see Ten Thousand Saints, and let the fangirling continue.

Images: Paramount, Universal, Giphy