It's Time For The Girls To Take Over The Suit Game

by Jade Melise Herrin

Nothing says boss like a two piece sartorial statement. Power suits are trending, having boldly trail-blazed their way right into the closets of fierce females such as Solange Knowles, Cara Delevingne, and Hannah Bronfman. In my opinion, we should all follow suit. The truth is, this ensemble (which was once reserved for elected officials and corporate jobs) is about to be your very best friend.

Dresses and skirts still have their place in our closets, but the idea of a "uniform" has upped its game. The boys can keep the style too, but as a strong believer in the rule of finders keepers, I can assure you that us girls have found a trend that we are aren’t giving back anytime soon. And after all, there’s no better way to get back at all the guys who picked us last on the kickball field then rocking "their" style better than them.

Designer labels like Givenchy, Saint Laurent, and Gucci are leading the way in this power suit movement. As Drake would say, they've been about it and they're still about it. I actually think that every girl should have at least one suit tucked away in her closet. Whether it's for a night out with your pretty pumps, or because you just want to show everyone how cool you are slaying in a suit and Common Projects kicks, it's an investment piece. And a powerful one at that. The versatility makes the purchase even more worth it.

Here are a few of our favorite women proudly flaunting their power suits.

1. Solange Knowles

2. Hannah Bronfman

3. Kendall Jenner

4. Cara Delevingne

5. Rihanna

Ready to suit up? Take a look at a couple of places to purchase your perfect power suit.

Wool Pinstripe Suit

Wool Pinstripe Blazer; $245 (Blazer) $130 (Trousers), & Other Stories

All-White Suit

Premium Suit Jacket and Pants; $125 (Blazer), $68 (Trousers), Topshop

Navy On Black

Long Blazer & Loose Fit Trousers; $69 (Blazer), $49 (Trousers), Zara

Let's go girls!

Images: Courtesy Brands