Would You Ever Swim With Monster Crocs?

by Marisa Ross

Unless you spend a lot of time playing Jumanji, tackling a crocodile is probably one of the last things you'd want to do — and you definitely don't want a croc encounter to literally be the last thing you ever do. In the latest episode of Yahoo Travel's A Broad Abroad web series, Yahoo Travel editor-in-chief Paula Froelich meets Australia's monster crocodiles face-to-face as she dives into deadly waters, despite her terror of the prehistoric reptiles. And although the quirky hostess seemed to maintain her composure on camera, she assured viewers that her jaunty humor didn't mask how fast her heart was racing when her life flashed before her eyes as she faced her biggest fear.

Froelich was stationed in Australia, where she had already dissected the region's slang, and shown viewers a 350-million-year-old salt lake in the Outback. But in this episode, she does more than share a couple of fun facts. You know how sharks have a whole week on TV dedicated to convincing you they mean no harm and actually don't want to eat you? Well, that's not exactly the case for crocs, it seems. After disclosing the fact that crocodiles top the list of animals that are most likely to eat a human, she put that theory to the test with some of the largest saltwater crocodiles in Australia's northern territory.

In this episode, she starts off by taking a river cruise to watch the scaly scoundrels from afar as they jump for slabs of meat tour guides use to lure them in. But once she got a little more comfortable, she took Down Under to the next level by delving into "The Cage of Death" with the second-largest croc in the Crocosaurus Cove park.

If you want to "explore the unknown and discover the unexpected" along with Paula, you have to watch for yourself.

Image: vaclav/Fotolia