56 Lovely Photos Of +Size Humans With Small Boobs

by Rebecca M

"Fat and flat" was the assigned label I was given in eighth grade by one of my online exes — a little gem to remind me that I was a plus size woman with small boobs. "Utterly horrified" and "crushed" don't begin to explain how I felt. At this point in my life, I was hiding behind MySpace angles and chest-up photos, hoping that nobody would discover what I truly was. I was (and remain) fat and flat. Eventually, though, I had to stop hiding that fact for myself.

It wasn't until I found spaces on the internet that revealed people who actually kind of looked like me that I began to see that I might actually be... OK. I had no idea that someone like me was capable of love, success, or joy, and was under the impression that I was just an unfortunate "pretty-faced" girl whom people would constantly have to find redeemable traits in to make up for my physical being.

That's kind of just what happens when you grow up never seeing yourself represented. The way we view ourselves and other humans starts at such a young age. It's ingrained within us from the magazines we read, the shows we watch, the movies we see, and the conversations we have with our parents or friends. Representation and visibility are such important things, though. Fat folks in general get very little of it, but fat folks who do not have an "ideal" hourglass shape get even less.

This is for those of us who often feel left out of the body positive conversation — for those who see photos of perfectly hourglass-shaped fat bods and feel no real connection to them. This is for the fat people who are bottom-heavy, who carry their weight in their bellies, who have large limbs but a small bust in comparison. It's for those who don't see their proportions represented anywhere they look. This list of beautiful individuals who fit the "fat and flat" bill is for us.

1. Quincy

From the vibrant hair to the perfect facial expression to the bright bandeau top to the hand on the belly, everything about this is flawless.

2. Christine

Can we just talk about this outfit and how lovely it is? With that hair and those glasses? Stunning.

3. Judi

There is way too much adorable happening in this picture. The pooch and that smile make this shot feel easygoing and totally confidence-inducing.

4. Mollie

Those of the small-busted variety also look super awesome in button-down shirts, you know. This lady and her outfit are a perfect example of that.

5. Kade

Babe in a crop top? Check. Said crop top paired with awesome overalls? Check. Flawless face and smile? Double check.

6. Mikki

The super soft witchy vibe I get from this makes me so happy. I'm loving the all black everything, the style, the pose, the face, the hair. It's all magic!

7. Brione

The combo of this entire outfit plus the pineapple frame is almost too much amazing to handle. Accompanied by that gorgeous face and peek-a-belly, it's pure loveliness.

8. Jody

I absolutely adore photos like this. Comfort and freedom are both things that come to mind when viewing this one in particular.

9. Jill

You see that caption she wrote up there? Yep. You can tell she is totally feeling it by the badass facial expression.

10. Laurel

The contrast between Laurel's hair and bathing suit is spectacular, but what really gets me is the confidence of this pose.

11. Elie

Here we have a total cutie just enjoying the great outdoors. Walking stick and cat sack in tow, you know she's set for adventure.

12. Amethyst

Reading the caption for this makes me so damn happy. This suit perfectly hugs Amethyst and gives off major muffin-top-loving vibes.

13. Virgo

"Content" is what comes to mind when I look at this. Contentment and happiness. Wouldn't you be those things too if you were adorned in this wonderful bathing suit and surrounded by sand? This babe is doing it right.

14. Rachele

This pose is so silly and cute. The aesthetic is simply wonderful, and how happy she looks just makes everything even better.

15. Tawnee

Here we have another fat babe in an awesome fatkini. This is another one of those poses that really makes me want to step up my own. The sunglasses and little smirk tie everything together perfectly.

16. Rachelle

How adorable can you get? From the messy topknot, the cutest little smile, and perfectly fitted royal blue crop top, I'd say pretty damn adorable.

17. Tanya

What a galaxy-print cutie! I love the mix of her hair with that print, and I'm adoring the gorgeous smile even more.

18. Kenlynn

Here we have yet another style that itty-bittied individuals can totally pull off. Kenlynn is rocking this peplum effortlessly, and that pouty facial expression is the cherry on top of the ice cream.

19. Melissa

What a radiant lady! She's styled to perfection, with a gorgeous smile to match. This kind of dress is coincidentally one of my favorite styles for those of us with small chests.

20. Deege

OK, I need a second to take this in. I adore how much soft, lovely belly and arms make an appearance in this photo. To make things even better, look at that kitten-adorned shirt!

21. Glitter

I can't properly express how much I love these shots of Glitter. They just exude power and beauty. I adore how this suit shows off her shape so well and makes it apparent that you don't have to have huge boobs to look totally amazing in a bikini. (Definitely read the caption she wrote for her photo as well. It makes this image that much better.)

22. Sarah

Well hello, cutie. Any sailor would be happy to have this wee babe on board. Also, wearing this dress to the aquarium was an A+ decision in my book.

23. Jen

Is it getting hot in here? No? It must just be Jen, then.

24. Crystal

There isn't a whole lot of picture here, but what I can totally see is another beautiful, radiant person (I mean, just look at the eyes and hair) repping for team tiny ta-tas.

25. Heather

This is so pretty, soft, and feminine. I absolutely love the sheer lace top paired with the crop underneath — giving us a view of her lovely tummy and arms. Paired with some cute, casual jean shorts? So good.

26. Sam

Dang girl, I wish I looked this good when sick. I love the scooped tee mixed with the cardi. It's casual and comfy, yet flirty and fun. This look just goes to show that itty-bittied individuals can rock scoop necks like nobody's business, and look damn pretty while doing so.

27. Annie

What an absolutely stunning lady in a fabulous print dress. Awesome specks and the sweetest smile to boot.

28. Jannet

Team Small Breasts can also totally pull off vintage styles, as is apparent with this picture of Jannet. I absolutely adore this entire outfit, and the image's vibe. There's so much confidence and power being portrayed all around.

29. Lindsey

Look at this beautiful floral fairy baby. She's just absolutely precious and vibrant.

30. Cheyenne

I will never get tired of fat babes in crop tops, and adore this off-shouldered asymmetrical style paired with the leggings. This casual cutie is totally working it with that hand on the hip as well.

31. Courtney

Yay for representing being awesome in the office. I'm in love with these knee-high socks and the overall style. The best part is definitely her pose, though.

32. Amelia

I'm not even going to lie: This might be one of my favorite pictures ever. Fat babes riding bikes is just fantastic and makes me giddy all on its own, but her face? The best.

33. Bobbi

I love sweetheart necklines for those of us who are less endowed. I also enjoy the detailing on the top of this dress, and how happy she looks.

34. Vivi

Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind here is "va-va-voom!" Can you blame me, though? Just look at how much Vivi is working that dress and shawl and those bold, beautiful lips.

35. Lindsay

What a bottom-heavy beauty! This dress fits Lindsay like a dream, and I adore how much her arms are front and center. I also encourage everyone to read her caption — so inspiring and so important.

36. Sarah

The first thing that catches my attention is the gorgeous mane and face. This outfit is so cute, comfy, casual, and ladylike, and it's just adorable (as is Sarah, of course).

37. Alyssa

Fatkinis just have a special place in my heart. This photo of Alyssa enjoying the sun, smiling just as bright, and totally killing it in her swimwear is just wonderful.

38. Ashley

Even if thick thighs don't save lives, they still look incredibly lovely. This image of Ashley proves as much. Can we also appreciate how perfect this dress is on her?

39. Diane

Look at that smile! I love the color combo of red and blue, and I especially like how her hair matches the birds on her dress.

40. Christina

This cutie is absolutely working that maxi dress. Baring some gorgeous tattooed arms and a radiant little smirk, the picture is heavenly.

41. Delphina

Just as we can rock the fatkinis, small-chested babes can also look absolutely amazing in one-piece suits. Delphina looks gorgeous, happy, and all around exquisite.

42. Cynthia

Every single look on here is truly magnificent.

43. Gazel

Honestly, how can you go wrong with a leather jacket and black skinny jeans? The answer is: You can't. Gazel is making the look all too fabulous. Pro tip for fat folks with small boobs: Wear those horizontal stripes like nobody's business.

44. Christine

Another peek-a-belly! Those of us with small chests really do look awesome in crop tops. Christine is proving my point here by being totally angelic in her ensemble.

45. Denise

What do you get when you cross polka dots, acid wash, jelly shoes, pigtails, peace signs, and an absolutely darling face? This glowing, radiant individual right here.

46. Paola

Bodysuits for everybody! Seriously, though: Paola is looking so amazing flaunting off those gorgeous gams and even sporting some lovely VBO (visible belly outline).

47. Lyn

Another one that's all about the pose and facial expression, this babe knows that she's got it. The eye-catching wedges, bright miniskirt, and looks that could totally kill are everything to me.

48. Minxie

A casual shirt plus a feminine, dainty skirt combo makes for such a great pairing. The frames and a heartwarming smile add the perfect finishing touches.

49. Angela

Here we have another polka dot cutie. This lovely is baring skin and looking beautiful while doing it. The suit fits her so well, and just further proves how wonderful bikinis look on everybody.

50. Andrea

Holy chic is right! This skirt-and-top combo with the hair and earrings is fantastic. I especially love the added touch of the knot on the shirt.

51. Rachaya

Free, flowing, and dreamy, this picture just embodies whimsy and beauty.

52. Fafá

Casual, cute, and a wee bit sporty, this is honestly one of my favorite styles. The crossed legs and cheeky smile are almost too much.

53. Danielle

First and foremost, this tutu is what dreams are made of. Now that that's out of the way, let's just appreciate how fabulous the bralette is on Danielle. It's yet another style that smaller-cupped ladies can pull off effortlessly.

54. Samm

"The insecurities I feel now have nothing to do with me and everything to do with society's perception of me. That is such a massive accomplishment, and I don't even know how I did it, but I am so glad that I have finally reached this point. I feel so free and so alive. It is an incredible feeling."

Samm's entire caption is honestly so much more meaningful than anything I could post here. I will say that she is completely inspiring and beautiful — as are these images.

55. Luli

Well, hello there, beach goddess. If this doesn't encourage you to go get a maxi skirt and pair it with a tee, I don't know what will. Luli honestly looks like a precious angel.

56. Becca (Me!)

I'm not going to wax on lyrical about myself here, but I do want to say that whoever you are, whatever your body type, you deserve to have representation and acknowledgement. Your existence should be celebrated — no matter your cup size.

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Images: Becca M; Courtesy Instagram Users