Do Tenley Molzahn & Kiptyn Locke Still Talk? Their 'Bachelor' Bond Will Surprise You

I am rarely surprised about Bachelor Nation breakups. After all, there are far more Bachelor romances that fail than ones that work out. I wasn't surprised to find out Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray called it quits earlier this year, and it wasn't even shocking to me when Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff broke up. But, when Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke broke up for good? That threw me for a loop. I thought for sure that these two crazy Bachelor Pad kids were together for life, but in 2014, instead of making the engagement announcement I'd been waiting for, they announced they were breaking up. But, don't fret, Tenley and Kiptyn are still friends, at least.

After years together, it's hard to erase someone from your life completely, even when you're trying to move on. Kiptyn is now with his new girlfriend, Samm Murphy, and earlier this summer, they welcomed their baby boy — who is very appropriately named Koltyn, by the way. And, Tenley is currently starring in Bachelor in Paradise, and she's a pretty hot ticket. But, don't worry. Despite their separate lives, Kiptyn and Tenley still talk, and they've even been in touch in the not-so-distant past.

On last week's episode of the semi-pointless but relatively entertaining BiP after show, After Paradise, Tenley revealed that she's seen Kiptyn recently and that she thinks his girlfriend Samm is "wonderful." If that doesn't scream "mature adult" to you, I don't know what does, because I cannot find it in my heart to say anything good about someone my boyfriend has even looked at.

And, as for Kiptyn? Earlier this year, he told Us Weekly that he and Tenley are still the "best of friends," so that's definitely a good sign. I don't think they're about to exchange friendship bracelets or anything, but it's not like anybody's holding a grudge. This sounds like a healthy relationship between the two of them, and I love that they can still support each other even though they're not together.

I will stand by patiently and wait for Tenley to meet Koltyn for the first time. If she knows what we want, she will Instagram the entire thing.