What's Kiptyn Been Doing Since The Tenley Breakup? The 'Bachelor Pad' Star Is Busy Being A Dad

Many of us were surprised to see Tenley Molzahn as part of the Bachelor in Paradise cast. After all, the last we knew she was finally getting her "happily ever after" with Kiptyn Locke after the two paired up on Bachelor Pad in 2010. We've since learned that Kiptyn and Tenley broke up in 2014 — but don't expect to hear either of these two trash talk each other. In fact, in an interview with Spreecast, Tenley said they have remained close friends and neighbors. And, now that she's on BiP, we know what she's been up to. But, what is Kiptyn been doing since splitting from Tenley?

For starters, he's a dad! Kiptyn and his new girlfriend, Samm Murphy, welcomed their first child last month. While I'm sure Tenley is happy for him, it has to be tough to see him move on so quickly — especially since just last year the two were talking about starting a family together. She admitted during the season premiere of BiP that the breakup was "devastating," but she has declined to provide any details. Tenley has another chance at love on Bachelor in Paradise, and I'm sure she'll find the right guy either onscreen or off.

Meanwhile, let's take a look at what Kiptyn has been up to since the breakup:

He Is So Cute As A Doting Father

Kiptyn couldn't be happier to be a dad, and it's pretty darn adorable. Not only are his pictures of baby Koltyn super cute, but the heartfelt captions are totally worth reading.

Family And Friends Always Come First

He knows his priorities. A few months ago Kiptyn bailed on Coachella to spend his grandma's 92nd birthday with her and to be with friends who had just welcomed a new baby.

He Officiated His Brother's Wedding

Kiptyn recently acted as the officiator at his younger brother's wedding, and he expressed how excited he is for the happy couple.

His New Relationship Seems Happy And Healthy

Samm Murphy and Kiptyn seem to make each other very happy — and they take a pretty cute photo together, too.

He Attended The Grammys

The highlight of Kiptyn's Grammys experience was hanging out and dancing with three girls who were flown to the ceremony by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He rightfully described them as the real stars of the evening.

His Sense Of Humor Is On Point

This is something to always keep in mind when browsing the Internet.

He Judged The Miss California Pageant

Tough life!

I'm happy to see Kiptyn doing so well, and I'll be even happier when Tenley gets her own much-deserved happy ending, too.