How Will Hillary's College Plan Help You?

by Hope Racine

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton released her New College Compact, a wide-scale plan to provide affordable higher education, and her new quiz helps students see how Clinton's plan will help them directly. The quiz asks students what their main area of interest is — paying for school or paying off loans. Then, depending on the type of institution or type of loan, the quiz taker receives specific information on the aspects of Clinton's plan that pertains to their situation.

The college reform plan is large and ambitious, placing a big priority on making higher education and college degrees accessible. The compact includes President Obama's free community college initiative and pledges that no student will have to take out loans to attend an in-state public school. Those who graduated with debt will be able to refinance their plans and enroll in income-based programs. And, as Clinton says, "your debt will only last for a fixed period of time. It won’t hang over your head forever."

With a proposal as wide reaching as this, the Clinton campaign is trying to create a plan that's easy to understand and encourages students and graduates with debt to learn how it can affect their lives. Which is where the quiz becomes handy.

The quiz has three sections. The first asks what part of Hillary's plan is more important to you: paying for higher education or paying off debt. It then asks how you feel about the situation, with emojis conveying various emotions from "on top of it" to "completely panicked." It then asks for the details of your situation — what kind of institution or degree you're seeking, or what kind of loans you have.

Unfortunately, the degree of stress you feel over the situation does not affect the outcome of your results. But each answer has a specialized response, and we've broken the quiz results down below.

Paying For Public School, In State

Paying For Public School, Out Of State

Paying For Private School

Paying For Community College or Technical School

Paying For A Certificate Program

Paying Off Private Loans

Paying Off Federal Loans

Paying Off Both Federal And Private/Not Sure What Kind Of Loans

Given the scope of the plan, college affordability will likely be a cornerstone of Clinton's campaign. Since announcing the policy, Clinton and her staff have been asking students to share their stories about paying for college, as well as asking students to show how they felt about student debt in emojis.

This plan shows that Clinton will likely be leaning on the youth vote for support in the election. It's a tactic what paid off enormously well for Obama — and if Clinton can deliver on her college tuition promises, it's one that might pay off for her as well.