Eva Mendes Used Ryan's Gosling's Dog As A Model

by Jessica Thomas

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling seem like one of those laid-back couples that would be easy to get along with, and Eva's latest Instagram proved that's probably right. Eva Mendes dressed Ryan Gosling's dog in a dress from the Eva Mendes Collection at New York & Company, and the end result is hilarious. It definitely made me want to take a second look at her new collection.

Eva has been designing clothes for New York & Company since 2013, and her collection is full of ready-to-wear clothes that are fashionable and work-appropriate. This fall's collection features sweaters, boots, dresses and skirts in fall colors like burgundy and grey. Those fall tones are definitely flattering on George, Ryan Gosling's dog and Eva's latest model.

She's been posting pictures of the collection for the past few weeks leading up to its launch, and her tongue-in-cheek captions are hilarious. The actress is often seen wearing a turban, so she decided to pass that trend onto George in yesterday's post. She posted a picture of him wearing a dress as a turban with this caption:

"Here's a shot of my first customer. He can't decide between the gray suede boots or the burgundy. What do you guys think? I keep telling him to just go with what feels right. He's such a little fashionista though. Won't leave the house until everything's perfect."

I can't blame him for adding George to her Instagram promos, because the dog is definitely cute. This isn't the first time he's been a guest star on her Instagram. The star has featured him in multiple pictures recently, including an adorable one with matching red noses.

In a world of perfectly manicured Instagram photos and filters, it's refreshing to see a celebrity who doesn't take herself too seriously. Eva has been promoting her new clothes line in fun ways, including this picture with the caption "Just seconds after this photograph was taken Ms. Mendes was attacked by her pre-fall line. The @nyandcompany collection escaped TODAY online! Warning ladies!! It's pretty killer and it's on the loose!!"

Now if there was only some way that Ryan Gosling could be included in the collection...