5 Buzzworthy Toys For Intense Pleasure

When you're talking sex toys, dildos and vibrators tend to get top billing. Penetrative devices are obviously awesome, but too often the ones that focus solely on clitoral stimulation get the shaft. This is probably due to the hallowed G-spot orgasm outranking the clitoral orgasm in a lot of sex talk, despite the fact that ranking orgasms is a silly as ranking pizza toppings — they're all good, it just depends on your taste.

If you want to get technical, we can actually blame Dr. Freud for this disparity in orgasm PR. Back in the day, he deemed the clitoral orgasm "adolescent," and suggested that when women grow up and start having penetrative sex with a penis, they can achieve "mature" vaginal orgasms. Not only is this idea heteronormative, it's sexist as hell. Thanks Sigmund.

Nowadays, many women and sex toy makers know better, so there are plenty of toys that put the clitoris on a pedastal, right where it belongs. The clitoris is, after all, the only organ in the human body with the sole purpose of providing pleasure, which makes it very deserving of your love and attention. Here are five toys that you can use to show your clit some love:

1. The Fiera Arouser

The latest and greatest in the line of clitoral stimulators is the Fiera Arouser, which was released this month. The device attaches to your clitoral area and creates suction which assists in arousal and lubrication. It's meant to kickstart foreplay, but who's to say this baby wouldn't be fun even without a partner to use it with?

2. The Venus Butterfly

Buzzy Butterfly, $30, Adam and Eve

This fashion-statement-cum-clitoral-stimulator is meant to be looped through your legs and worn like lingerie, with the buzzy butterfly against your clit.

3. Sqweel Go

The Sqweel Go is "the world's best selling oral sex toy." This genius (and adorable) device mimics cunnilingus through a motorized rubber wheel with 10 "tongues" that lap at your clitoris.

4. Iroha

This toy is smooth, vibrating stone that can be used as a massager all over your body, but let's get real, we all know where the Iroha would work best.

5. The ColorPop O Wow

The ColorPop O Wow is a compact vibrating ring that comes in a panoply of rainbow colors. They say it's just for penises, but the stretchy circle can just as easily fit around two fingers so you can apply directly to your vagina.

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