Is This Definitely 'Bachelorette' Kaitlyn's Gown?

It's been a whirlwind since Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe chose the perfectly-coiffed Shawn Booth to have and to hold, but apparently the no-longer bachelorette found time for some fun amid a crazy press tour. Kaitlyn Bristowe tried on wedding dresses at LA's Lovely Bride, an occasion usually reserved for BFFs and MOHs, for a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Isn't that what every bride does before her big day? Jimmy and his trusty sidekick Guillermo tagged along (and took shots of tequila) while Kaitlyn tried on dresses and it was all pretty hilarious.

Bristowe made it clear from the get-go that poofy and overly-sexy was out ("This isn't going to be like a Kardashian wedding," Kimmel quipped in agreement to the latter). But when it came time to hit the dressing room, there were plenty of super funny misses — the short, strapless, and poofy dress she tried on first was described by Kimmel as "hooker ballet," the second was "tablecloth," and the third was just "meh."

She ultimately did pick out to a dress, which she was still wearing as the tequila-soaked trio left the Lovely Bride. It seemed to be everything she was looking for. It was lacey, bohemian, fit perfectly. The dress was, however, noticeably absent on her oft-updated Instagram account. That is, until now.

Even though at the end of the segment, Kaitlyn did say yes to the dress, the fact that she posted it on Instagram over two weeks later seems to imply that she's still so excited about it.

On the other hand, her fiance is surely one of her 1 million+ followers on Instagram, so if he didn't see the Kimmel segment, he's seen the dress now.

That said, Bristowe has already proven she's not overly traditional — at this point, her sex life, and decision to sleep with Booth during the show has been very well documented, debated, and dissected.

She was also open to wearing a dress in an alternate color, like pink, so perhaps she's not worried about her future hubby seeing her in the dress before the wedding.

Either way, it looks great and fits like a glove, so if she does keep it for her walk down the aisle, she can rest assured knowing that she looks stunning. And that Guillermo and Jimmy approve, obviously.