So, Pizza Panties Are A Thing

Just when you thought you couldn’t express your love for pizza anymore, the universe had to go and prove you wrong. Pizza panties are available through Kickstarter, so now you can rep your love for the food item — in thong form. Females, rejoice! This slightly ridiculous, but kind of fabulous invention could change your underwear game for good. You have product designer Felipe Gonzalez to thank for his insatiable love of cheesy goodness and crust and two for his brilliant idea to turn that triangular perfection into a thong. I mean really, who would have ever thought of that?

Just in case you’re wondering, these panties look just the way you’d imagine. A boxer-like waistband goes around your hips, and then, well, a slice of pizza covers everything else. Topped with cheese and pepperoni, I must say, it’s a pretty lifelike replication. And the packaging? Served in a box just as if you’d ordered an actual slice. Get eight pairs, and you’ve got yourself an entire pie (and a pair for every day of the week and then some).

If you’re kind of into the whole idea of eating pizza in nothing but your pizza underwear like I am, you’re definitely going to want to check out this video and back this project.


So here's the real thing...

And the undies. Not bad, huh?


With only 36 more days to go to reach their goal, you better put up some moola if you want your favorite food to be manifested into a pair of panties! Get yourself a slice while it’s still hot (so to speak)!

Images: ucancallmephil/Instagram (1), Kickstarter (1)