'Bachelor In Paradise's Michael G. Has A Busy Life

Bachelor in Paradise is heating up with tons of familiar faces added in. The Bachelorette's Michael Garofola is the most recent addition to the cast and he's already making a bit of a name for himself. For those familiar with Desiree Hartsock's season, you will recognize him as the New York attorney from who made it all the to Week 7 β€” but then got the boot. This time around, when Michael G. got to Bachelor in Paradise with a date card in hand, he had a very clear plan: Date Tenley. My guess is he will now forever be associated with calling Tenly an "Elevenly," which isn't that creative, but he gets points for trying. But, after she chose Joshua at the rose ceremony, will Michael leave Paradise alone? I snooped on his social media to see if Michael G. is single after Bachelor in Paradise, and it revealed a lot.

We're on a bit of a cliffhanger waiting to see if he ends up with a rose on Sunday's episode, but there's no need to wait that long to find out the answer. I checked out his Instagram to see what he's got going on when he is not awkwardly dancing to mariachi music and it turns out he's doing a lot!

He's Embracing The Joke

Who knows? Tenley could decide she prefers dad-jokes and bounce right back to him. There is still plenty of show left!

Hanging Poolside

It's very hard to tell based on this image alone if he happens to be dating one of these two girls. Either way, he clearly has a good looking crew.

Traveling Around

This New York-turned-Texas lawyer clearly travels. There's not frequent images of any travel guests though. So far, all signs point to single.

Going To Trunk Shows?

This is probably the most suspicious item on here. What's a trunk show? Who is the lady? Are they just friends? All in all not enough to convince me they're dating, but I am suspicious.

Rooting For The Mets

Sure he's double fisting here, but I think that's more a "Mets losing" thing then a "getting a drink for a secret girlfriend" thing. Got to respect a man with team loyalty.

Living That Bachelor Life

I see no real evidence that he has a girl on the side (he's not Lauren I.)! Hopefully someone will wise up and give him a rose on the show, though. I'm thinking maybe Clare could jump in here? I'd like to see him get a real shot, and they'd be so cute together. Only time will tell!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC