Who Is ‘Big Brother 17’s’ Steve’s Sister?

You guys, how adorable was Big Brother 17's Steve when he heard his sister got engaged? So adorable, right? I can admit openly that I’ve never been a huge fan of Steve, but that moment in the HoH room when he read a letter from his mom was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. Even though I’ve thought all along that Steve's whole nice guy persona is really just strategy to win the game, on Thursday night’s episode, when he won HoH and read a letter from his mom out loud, I almost lost it. I’m a total sucker for siblings caring about each other, I guess. So then I, of course, instantly wondered: Who is Big Brother17's Steve’s sister? And who is this new fiancé of hers?

Well, thank goodness for the Internet, because I found plenty on her.

It turns out that Steve’s sister, Jeri, is a big fan of the show and an even bigger fan of Steve. Her Twitter page is littered with pictures of the two of them together, both from when they were young and from more recently: There are pictures from a trip to Disneyworld, pictures of Steve playing the piano, and even pictures of Steve’s adorable nephew, Harrison, wishing his now famous uncle good luck in the Big Brother house.

Accordng to her Twitter feed, Jeri, who just recently became engaged to fiancé Jason Moore, currently lives in Florida, recently bought a piece of property for her birthday, and really, really, really loves yoga. Not as much as she loves Steve, of course, though: most of her Twitter feed is filled with tweets rooting on her little brother and wishing him well in the Big Brother house.

And like Steve, Jeri is a total smartie. She graduated from Cornell University just like her little brother did, and there is an adorable picture on Twitter to prove it. Really, the whole family seems too precious for words, which makes me think that maybe Steve’s sweetness isn’t just for show? Maybe how he acts in the Big Brother house really is who he is and how he acts.

Getting this personal perspective into who Steve is and seeing just how normal he and his family are makes me kind of love him even more. I mean, how can I dislike a guy who loved the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyworld just as much as I did?

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Image: CBS