Clay Vs. Steve: Who Is The Hottest Guy On 'BB17'?

On Big Brother, it all comes down to having a comprehensive, well thought out strategy. It's a test of both mental and physical endurance. The focus is all on the contestants' talent and skill and — oh, who am I kidding? It's about being hot. Sure, all of the other traits help, but there is nothing like a smoking hot roommate to keep the blood pressure up, and people interested. There's never any shortage of really really ridiculously good looking people on Big Brother, and Season 17 is no exception. While I'd like to say all hotties are created equal, this is a competition, and one has to be crowed most attractive. So, who is hotter: Steve or Clay?

This brings us to an interesting conundrum. We have two people pretty much neck and neck for the sexy title. On the one hand we've got Clay Honeycutt (with the best TV name, ever), who is going right up against the baby of the group, Steve Moses. Since Jace was eliminated, they are easily the best looking guys (sorry, Austin). Now, typically this question would be a serious no brainier — Clay all the way! He's got that chistled jaw that's covered in that perfect stubble, with those baby blue eyes and... I'm sorry. I lost my trian of thought for a second there. Clay would usally win this little competition by a landslide except — twist — this isn't just Clay vs. Steve. This is Clay vs. Steve without glasses.

This, my friends, is a very important distinction, because, much like Clark Kent, when this kinda dweeby looking guy takes off his specs, he is transformed into a hottie, She's All That-style. Let's take a look at the evidence and see what we've got.

Just look at that magnificence. We've got some soulful eyes, and a sexy head tilt. It's like he knows he is foxy without the glasses. Even his hair is transformed from messy to bed-head tousled. There's just something about that face that says "I could help you study, or rip your clothes off. Your move." In all seriousness, he should really do himself (and all of us) a favor and invest in contact, at least some of the time.

Then we have Clay, and, wow, is that just not fair. The jaw and stubble are still there, looking fine. Now we've got some muscled arms in the mix and, yep, that's a six-pack on a very broad chest. Also, he's in bed here, which is an unfair advantage, but I'm going to let him get away with it because he looks so charming. He's also in a pink-ish towel, and I like a man who isn't afraid to wear bold colors.

Well my friends, the winner seems clear. Even though Steve put up a very good fight, and his Blue Steel is to die for, the hotness award has to go to Clay. Because six pack.

Images: CBS (2)