You'll Be Oddly Charmed By This Poop-Themed Café

Just in case you were looking forward to your lunch today, breaking: there is a poop-themed cafe in South Korea. While that concept is so incredibly bizarre to me, it is equally intriguing. Your initial wrinkled nose reaction is completely quelled when you see how freaking adorable this cafe is. Like, yes, they're serving you fancy lattes, delicious cups of coffee and artisanal teas in toilets. There is no way to sugar coat that fact. But the toilet bowls are tiny and cute, and they are holding some very nice looking beverages and some delicious homemade cookies. (And yes, to answer your question, the cookies are the exact same shape as the poop emoji.)

If you're suffering from an extreme case of FOMO, you should be. These images come by way of Lexi, the blog author of Seoul Searching, aka the person you are mad jealous of right now. Let me put it this way for you: You can get a rose latte served in a toilet with an accompanying poop shaped scone. And the jam on the side of the scone? Obviously served in a toilet, because what other way is there to do things at this place? They also have poop shaped ornaments, and big lavish poop shaped pillows, that you can also conveniently where on your head. They're multifunctional.

You know what they say, right? Once you start drinking from the toilet bowl, you never go back. (No, really. That's what they say.) Here's a closer look inside the poop café:

The Latte Art

You can get a fancy cup of coffee pretty much anywhere, but where can you drink it out of a toilet bowl? One place, my friend. South Korea.

The Poop Decor

How would you like that on your bedroom wall?

The Poop Paraphernalia

I don't understand the ornamental snowman vibes, but as aesthetics go, they could be doing worse.

Toilets For Days

I wish I didn't think all tiny things were so damn cute, but I simply can't help myself.

Apparently, the poop theme isn't at all out of the ordinary and is, in fact, becoming a popular trend in South Korea. So what I'm saying is we're all clearly living in the wrong country.

Images Courtesy Of Seoul Searching