Mary-Kate Olsen Makes A Case For Flip Flops

Don’t count flip-flops out just yet. You heard me — if you thought we were out of that phase, think again. Mary-Kate Olsen wore flip-flops paired with a navy blazer and pants, giving business casual a whole new meaning. The Olsens aren’t new to breaking fashion don’ts, and its played in their favor, so they’ve kind of got me rethinking everything. I mean, are flip-flops in? What is life?

But because this is an Olsen sister we’re talking about, I can’t discount this (potential) shoe trend. The sisters did totally call the whole Birkenstock thing, after all. I must admit, I’m not loving this overall look, but I do like how she’s paired the shoes with an overall classy outfit. If you’re going to rock flip-flops, you’ve got to go all out when it comes to chic-ness.

If flip-flops are going to become a thing again, there are still some dos and don’ts that come along with wearing them. They’ve got to either make a statement or be super sleek, IMO. So shop these looks to channel your inner Mary-Kate and do this potential trend right!

First, a little Olsen outfit inspo:

It's starting to grow on me.

Embellished Flip-Flop

$28.65, ASOS

A little embellishment goes a long way and adds a little something to any look.

Black And Gold

$8.90, Forever 21

It doesn't get much more chic than a good black and gold combo.

Fun Florals

$103.91, ASOS

Big flowers are great because, go big or go home, you know?

Sleek Minimalism

$9.90, Forever 21

Pull off a more modern look with a simple black pair.

Thong Sandal

$125, Free People

Half Birkenstock, half flip-flop. These really are the best of both worlds.

I think the Olsens would approve of these, don't you? Now get out there and pull off some flip-flops, if you dare!

Images: Courtesy Brands (5)