Is The Sixth Sense Still Together On 'BB17'?

by Emily Lackey

When it comes to the Big Brother house, only time will tell which alliances will make it until the end and which ones will fold like a Vanessa Rousso’s competitors. So, when it comes to the fate of the strongest alliance in the house so far — The Sixth Sense — there’s no way for fans to know for sure whether the alliance will last until the end of the season. But, there is one thing we can hang our hats on: The alliance took a major blow with the back-to-back evictions of Shelli and Clay. That definitely didn’t do the remaining players — Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia — any favors. Now, I have to wonder: are the remaining members of the Sixth Sense alliance still together?

Unless it’s something that will see a resurgence in later weeks, it isn’t looking like the alliance is still together. Freaks and Geeks has definitely taken the place of the Sixth Sense as the alliance to contend with now that they are not only in power, but have a majority in the house. But even the Freaks and Geeks had their quieter days: They were a sleeper alliance for weeks until they came back together in recent days to take their houseguests — Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, and Vanessa — to the end. So, is it possible that the Sixth Sense is doing the same thing?

Both alliances have the potential to go down in Big Brother history. With some of the strongest players in the house, these alliances have done the most damage during evictions, nominations, challenges, and competitions. So while the Sixth Sense might be taking a little rest for the time being — and can you blame them? They’ve taken a number of blows recently — there is one alliance you can definitely root for, and that's Freaks and Geeks.

Because I think it’s safe to say that we can all think of Freaks and Geeks as the new Sixth Sense. I mean, the players are kind of the same: Take away Clay and Shelli, add Steve, and it’s pretty much the same alliance. And, so far, this alliance has been doing pretty well by its players, so I have faith that Freaks and Geeks (née Sixth Sense) has the chance to take it all the way to the end.

So hold your tears, Sixth Sense fans. Not only does the alliance have a chance to come back in a major way—maybe if and when Steve gets evicted? — they’re also still sort of together in the form of a new, revised alliance.

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