These Xtina Lyrics Are The Ultimate Date Prep

by Tracy Dye

Let's face it: Getting ready for a first date — or second date, or fifth date — can spur tons of anxiety. Although you may be giddy with anticipation over a rendezvous with a potential bae, it's totally natural for that elation to be coupled with a little bit of dread. What should you wear? Are you going to do that thing where you start perspiring uncontrollably? Which friend should you text in the event you need an exit strategy? Before you allow your wheels to turn at an even faster clip, take heed! Our reigning queen of pop music, Christina Aguilera, has everything you need to quell the jitters that come before a date. As one who enjoys listening to Aguilera tracks ad nauseam, I have discovered that the platinum-coifed crooner has dispensed a plethora of songs over the years that are peppered with some truly on fleek advice when it comes to the area of romance.

Aguilera has proved herself to be a beacon of confidence and assertion since gracing the music charts in the late '90s. When it comes to tracks of the amorous persuasion, she knows how to slay. In celebration of binge-listening to Aguilera songs and the excitement of dating, I have cherrypicked some lyrics that can prep you for even the most nerve-wracking of dates — i.e., those that involve a Ryan Gosling lookalike or something. Enjoy!

1. "You Gotta Rub Me The Right Way" From "Genie In A Bottle"

This lyric reminds you that — while you may be enveloped by jitters — the person you are meeting also has the task of proving themselves as a worthy bae.

2. "I Wanna Thank You For Givin' Me Time To Breathe" From "What A Girl Wants"

The fact that "breathe" is in the lyric should help you remember to exhale — something we all have a tendency to forget about whilst nervously prepping for a date.

3. "For The Will To Carry On...I Turn To You" From "I Turn To You"

Remember that you don't have to go through this alone. Whether it's your BFF, your roommate, your cat, or even your houseplant, turn to something for support.

4. "You Are Beautiful In Every Single Way" From "Beautiful"

Stop stressing and fighting with every hair product imaginable. You are gorgeous, so get out there and work it!

5. "Don't Wanna Play That Game With You Baby" From "Come On Over (All I Want Is You)"

This lyric — and basically every lyric in this addictive track — can help you get into a coquettish mood. You'll be ready to get your flirt on, while also having the confidence to lay down some ground rules. You're all about the fun, but your date better leave certain "games" at the door — amiright??

6. "I Don't Know What I'm Doing Anymore" From "Obvious"

Even a confident master of sass like Aguilera can become privy to moments of vulnerability. Drawing from the above lyric and other lyrics in this track about the nervousness that comes with infatuation can remind you that everyone — and I do mean everyone — falls victim to nerves when it comes to the dating scene.

7. "So Baby Yes I Know What I Am...You'll Be Loving It" From "Keeps Gettin' Better"

If insecurity starts setting in before meeting you date, use this lyric to remind you to be yourself — you're awesome, after all, so who wouldn't be "loving it?"

Happy dating, everyone!