Funny 'Love Actually 2' Spoof Will Make You Proud of the Actors' Success

Love Actually came out a whole 10 years ago and while I'm sure producers have been tempted by the idea of a Love Actually 2, it ain't happening. And that's the way it should be. It's a great movie all by itself (if you think otherwise, I'll assume it's because you haven't seen it) and it's story ended with no need for continuation. Even though Hollywood tries to convince us otherwise, not everything has to have a sequel. Anyway, it's more interesting to think about what happened for the actors of Love Actually rather than their characters since it was such a large ensemble cast. The people at Official Comedy agree and brought the world a trailer for Love Actually 2 , a mash-up of the original movie and the stars' current projects. It's pretty amazing and, if you're a true Love Actually fan, it will make you proud of where the actors are today.

Of course, we knew some of the stars were going to be just fine with their careers. People like Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, and Emma Thompson, to mention a few, were already so well established that no one would ever worry about their post-Love Actually films. But then there were actors like Martin Freeman, Andrew Lincoln, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster (he was the cute little kid!). No one could have predicted where they would end up.

A look at the trailer proves all three turned out pretty darn well. Freeman is now starring in the Hobbit films, Lincoln stars as Rick on The Walking Dead, and Brodie-Sangster is on Game of Thrones. Not bad. Way to go, guys! Also, did you know January Jones was in this movie?! She played one of the hot American girls that return to the UK with Colin Frissel, so good job to her as well for making it from small parts to a lead role on one of the best TV shows ever.

It's fun to see some of the projects of the other stars sprinkled in even if they were already doing well for themselves. Alan Rickman in character as Snape is always welcome and Liam Neeson is all action hero in this trailer which is a hilarious contrast to his Love Actually character Daniel. Then there's Colin Firth's clips that are taken from The King's Speech. I guess things didn't go well between Jamie and his Portuguese lover since he seems pretty upset...

View the trailer for yourself below, then go watch Love Actually. You know you want to.