Eyelid Art You Could Probably Do Yourself

This amazing Israeli makeup artist named Tal Peleg has been making the viral Internet rounds lately due to her crazy "eyelid art," which makes your decoupaged nails look practically demure. She paints tiny scenes on eyelids, often incorporating the eyebrow into the scene; some of her weirdest involve sushi, cats playing with yarn, Anne Frank reading (above), and Snow White. You'd need a date with Peleg to get such an intense eye makeup look, but, uh, here's what us commoners could probably manage to draw on our eyelids.

1. A spiderweb. It's just lines, right? Start at the corner of the eye and web outward, or at the lash line and let the web end just below your eyebrow.

2. A bit of middle school kitsch: a tiny heart, a star, a miniature smiley face, the initials LYLAS.

3. A series of asterisks. It's like your eyes are cursing!

4. Your name? In… cursive? With… liquid glitter?

5. White eyeliner clouds on a blue eyeshadow lid. Similar: White eyeliner sheep on a green eyeshadow meadow.

6. A rainbow-hued lid. May require a trip to Sephora for orange eyeshadow, because a woman who already owns orange eyeshadow is hard to find.

7. A blooming tree branch. Paint the branch with very thin-tipped black eyeliner across one eye, and add flowers via dabs of colored eyeshadow. If it's a bit blurry, call it Impressionistic.

8. A sunset. Pink along the lash line bleeding to orange on the lid and yellow by the brow. Bonus points for including the sun in gold glitter. Even more bonus eyes for including a sun on each eye — you're Kepler-16b, the planet with two suns.

9. A half moon in dark blue or silver by the side of your eyelid. Ooh, ooh, witchy woman.

10. The Milky Way: Tiny stars drawn by hand, scattered across each lid, interspersed with dots of glitter. Too mainstream for you? Circle your eyes with the stars and call it Hoag's Object, a "ring galaxy;" draw the stars in a spiral and call it the Whirlpool Galaxy, an "unbarred spiral galaxy." Everyone will probably think you're really cool.

Image: @tal_peleg/Instagram