These Pics Will Make You Want To Be A Redhead

Odds are you've probably teased a redhead or two in your life, but have you ever asked yourself why? Seems a little silly, right? Photographer Maja Topcagic's "Freckled" photo series captures the beauty in the crimsoned hair and spotted faces that haven't always been celebrated. The pictures are so stunning that after looking through her images, you'll be wanting the hued hair yourself.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Topcagic called redheads "the most beautiful genetic mutation in the world," which makes sense after seeing her images. Completely captivating the viewer with her "Freckled" photo series, the self-taught photographer shoots the genetically-gifted redheads in an up-close and personal manner. Surrounding her subjects in flowers and other aspects of nature, she treats each and every freckle as if they were unique the stars in the night sky, and it pays off.

Topcagic told Huffington Post that although freckles used to be considered undesirable, they're wonderful for the world of photography. With each click of her camera, she is able to change the perception on beauty, and that's pretty awesome if you ask me. Topcagic has plans in the near future to release a "Freckled" book, and has even more big project to come.

Topcagic told Huffington Post that she gets her models from her hometown of Bihac, Bosnia, or surrounding cities, but the inspiration for the shoot came from Asima Sefic. The blue-eye and red-haired model is among the two percent of people in the world with that combination.

A faux redhead herself, the photographer is slowly but surely changing the beauty perceptions of redheads all around the world. This isn't her first time getting up close and personal with stunning hair. Topcagic has shot stunning images of violet hair as well, showing just how beautiful.

Images: Maja Topcagic