This Shop Will Satisfy Your Weird Jewelry Needs

Have you ever followed an Instagram account for ages, only to realize that it wasn't an individual user behind the posts, but a super cool store? This is what happened to me with Coucou Suzette, a Paris-based Etsy store that fulfills all your inspirational and aesthetic Instagram needs. Here you'll be greeted with a myriad of wonderfully weird jewelry ideas, including kitsch brooches and boob earrings that you never knew you needed.

The shop has over 100 items to choose from, and Juliette — the woman behind the magic — says in her Etsy bio that her jewelry is designed with the help of an eclectic combination of muses, from Japanese kitsch to vintage jewelry to colorful African-inspired designs. All items are handmade in her studio in Paris but are available to be shipped worldwide. Whilst I personally love all the anatomy related items — boobs and bums and eyes and hands galore — there's so much more to this store than affordable body part bracelets.

The food-inspired collections include pizza necklaces (why don't I already own one?) and an amazing array of sushi inspired pieces as well. If kitschy designs aren't your bag, Coucou Suzette also offers a stunning selection of turquoise and other stone sets, from totally on-trend tropical leaf earrings to unique, iridescent pieces, and so much more.

What I personally love about this store, besides the affordability (with items ranging from $10 to $66), is its unique style and vast range of jewelry types. Thanks to its OTT statement necklaces, dainty stud earrings, and body posi choker necklaces, I feel like a large group of friends and individuals could shop at this store and find something they love.

The boob jewelry also screams #freethenipple to me, whilst the simple but beautiful necklace designs would be a chic addition to anybody's wardrobe. Although the shipping from Paris might be killer, having a pizza slice on your fingers or a bikini-clad babe on your neck is totally worth it.

Images: Courtesy Coucou Suzette