Who Is Jim's Ex Allison Edmonds Dating?

Meghan & Jim Edmonds may still be newlyweds on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but in real time, they're about to celebrate their one-year anniversary and their relationship is going as well as ever. But, what about Jim's second wife, Allison, who only officially split from him in 2014? Is Allison Edmonds dating anyone new, now that her relationship with Jim has officially been over for over a year now? Allison doesn't often appear online, instead preferring to keep her accounts private. But, Meghan is a chronic over-sharer, and she recently added a Twitter update that suggested she knew a little something about Allison's love life — and suggested that she's in a long-term relationship.

On Twitter, Meghan defended how she and Jim started dating prior to his divorce, by saying that Allison had begun dating at the same time. "His ex had been w her current bf months b4 Jimmy and I started dating in April '13," she wrote. The use of the word "current" makes me believe Allison and her guy are still together today.

I don't know who that mystery boyfriend might be, but Allison has been acting in the exact opposite way as Meghan when she started to date this new guy. She didn't share anything online, didn't talk about their relationship on reality TV, and, unfortunately, because of Allison's totally private social media existence, there are no clues as to what kind of guy she might be with.

But, she still lives in St. Louis with her two children, so he must be based there. Maybe he's the male version of Meghan, a super young tall blond guy still figuring out his career stuff who constantly clashes with all the other husbands in the area. But, really, there's no way to tell because Allison is keeping very quiet, and for the most part it seems like Meghan has respected that. Jim Edmonds has also refrained from talking about Allison's new boyfriend, but he did drop a strange hint that could be suggesting something not so flattering about Allison's new man in a Twitter reply.

This Tweet could be interpreted in a few ways. He could be referring to Allison's relationship with his children from his first marriage. But, they stayed married for six years and Jim is close with all of his children, so it seems that Jim could also be referring to Landon and Sutton's mysterious new stepparent, contrasting him with Meghan.

Whether Allison Raski Edmonds is being referenced in that barbed Tweet or not, it seems like Meghan's message suggests that both Allison and Jim moved on from their marriage two years ago. Whoever Allison's new guy is, I wish them luck!

Images: Vivian Zink/Bravo