Why 'TIME' Magazine's Nancy Gibbs Is Our Role Model of the Week

This past September, Nancy Gibbs became managing editor for TIME magazine, making her the first woman to reach the top of TIME’s masthead in the publication's ninety year existence. Not only is she making strides for women by breaking that particular glass ceiling, but she also awesomely implemented equal salaries for women at the magazine, Capital New York reports:

One of the first things she did after being named managing editor was to assess the salaries of women within the organization and make sure those salaries were comparable with what men of equal stature were making.

The Cut points out that this is particularly encouraging in a time when Congress has repeatedly rejected the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that would thwart gender discrimination in salaries. Currently, employers aren't punished for paying men more than women for the same jobs, and because employees aren't legally allowed to share salary information with their coworkers, if a woman calls out an employer for discrimination she could be punished.

Gibbs has already been receiving praise for her bold move. Mika Brzezinski, who regularly hosts Gibbs on her show, MSNBC's "Morning Joe," told Capital New York,

She did not have to do this. It probably didn't even behoove her to do it...Nancy is the kind of leader necessary to complete the quest for equality in the workplace. She fights for it even when it doesn't apply to herself. She is the real thing.

It just goes to show that things are better when women are in charge….but we already knew that.

Gif: Poetry Genuis/Dalmo