22 Burning Questions 'Friends' Left Us With

by Mary Grace Garis

It's amazing that, after over a decade, we still occasionally talk about Friends. I mean, hell, if you're me, then you pretty much talk about Friends every day. And, although viewers were satisfied with the Friends finale and the "I got off the plane" ending to Ross and Rachel's ongoing arc (my dad cried, it's fine), there are still a few things that leave us scratching our head. Yes, loose ends were tied up for the most part, but every Friends fan has at least a few burning questions after watching (or rewatching) the 2004 series finale.

Now you're scratching your head, and I get it. You think that everything unresolved came perfectly together in Friends' final act. Plus, you vaguely remember that Joey packed his bags and moved to a short-lived Californian spin-off. Whether you actually watched it or not (I think Drea de Matteo was his sister?) is irrelevant, Joey's future was very clearly defined. But that still leaves five blank spaces that need filling, and that, kiddies, is what prompts my curiosity.

So, because I'm sure your interest is not peaked as well, here are 22 burning question that any Friends fan should have, 11 years after the finale.

1. Did Gunther ever find love?

He didn't off himself after Rachel's aborted Paris mission, right?

2. After Central Perk lost half of its regulars, did it become a Starbucks?

3. So did Rachel quit that job?

4. Did Rachel get a new job?

5. Did she and Emma move back in with Ross?

6. Did Rachel get married (for real) to Ross this time?

7. Did that marriage end in divorce... again?

I mean, it's Ross.

8. Either way, was her wedding to Ross anything like her fake dream wedding?

9. And what became of Ben?

10. Did Ben have any sort of relationship with his half-sister?

11. Did Janice ever find solid real estate in Westchester?

There's someone who deserved all the happiness in the world.

12. And when did Joey decide, "Hey, I'm beautiful but talentless, I should've been in L.A. this entire time"?

13. Why didn't the chick and duck 2.0 make it to LA?

14. Did Marcel ever get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

15. And like, what are Chandler and Monica doing professionally?

16. Did Chandler like, commute from Westchester, and did Monica stop being a chef?

17. Neither of them spontaneously walk into their neighbor's house whenever there's a problem, right?

18. So did Phoebe and Mike have babies?

That would be an unconventional household...

19. Why didn't Phoebe get more screen time in the finale, anyway?

20. Is she still a masseuse — what's going on with that?

21. Did they really keep in contact once everyone split off?

22. Or did all the couples sit in Monica and Chandler's fancy westchester home and muse, "Whatever happened to the one with the sandwich obsession?"

"I think his name was John...?"

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