Dig The Swingin' 'U.N.C.L.E.' Soundtrack

Period movies are about nothing if not the feel. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. deposits audiences right into a slick, technicolor version of the '60s, and every storytelling element, from costumes to song choice, plays a huge role in setting that mood. But today, I want to talk entirely about the music. The Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer spy thriller is backed by a stunning and unexpected soundtrack, a combination of the movie's original score and era-appropriate pop, rock, and R&B. No doubt, fans of the movie want to keep this hip party going by holding on to those tunes. So, where can you get The Man From U.N.C.L.E. soundtrack?

Luckily, there are tons of ways to get your hands on the film's 24-track official soundtrack album. Never to be outdone, iTunes has an extra special "Deluxe" edition that features four additional pieces of music. The iTunes download will run you $11.99 and includes a Digital Booklet. (Though, in all seriousness, has anyone ever even opened a Digital Booklet file? Please tell me if I'm missing something cool.) You can also do some ala carte ordering, but be warned: the vocal tracks on the iTunes site are "Album Only" downloads. And what's a '60s throwback album without a little Roberta Flack?

If you aren't into that level of commitment (you do you!), then hop on Spotify and get to streaming. The "Deluxe" version is also available here except for two of the vocal tracks. Daniel Pemberton's score is guaranteed to make every tedious task of your workday feel 300% more epic. Think how much more you could get done if you felt like you were saving the world instead of 3% of your company's office supply budget. I may or may not be taking my own advice right now. Bustle spy division, anybody?

Pemberton's dizzying score is getting a ton of attention, and for good reason. Esquire says his work "rubs shoulders with the performers; it feels snug around the '60s-set spy tale like a well-tailored suit." The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is a re-envisioning of a decades-old TV show, but the composer resisted the urge to put a spin on the existing score and be done with it. In fact, the show's signature theme song only makes a brief cameo appearance in the film. As Pemberton told IndieWire, soundtracking the movie was all about being as original and brash as possible.

"The '60s thing is fun from a musical point-of-view because music was such a strong aspect in culture and in films, so you had a lot more license to be very bold, which as a composer, is very enjoyable...In some ways, it's my favorite kind of music from film scores back then. They were a lot more striking and unusual. This is a nostalgic, retro kind of score, but, I think, actually very modern. It's so different from what's coming out in the cinema."

This taste of modern nostalgia can also be picked up via Amazon, either digitally or on an actual compact disc. (What's the throwback now?) The standard 24-track version can be yours in mp3 for $11.49. The CD will cost you $11.98, but Amazon is currently showing the physical soundtrack as "Temporarily Out Of Stock." That's not a message you expect to see on anything but a rare import album or something that's out-of-print. But The Man From U.N.C.L.E. soundtrack is definitely going to be remembered; it seems like collectors are adding the album to their archives already.

Happy listening!

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures